Women’s Colourful Land Army!

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Dear Land Girls,

As much as we enjoyed Easter Weekend, colouring Easter Eggs will not lead to victory. We need to do more. Our country is in danger. Dark outfits have taken over our institutions – our government, our businesses…even our universities are not spared. These men and women in black are taking away our freedom. A freedom guaranteed by our constitution. While our men are fighting for victory on the frontline, we need to rise up and work the land in colourful outfits. Only colour will keep our Colour Revolution alive and bring our men back home safely.

To celebrate Earth Day today, I am calling on all the Land Girls! Pitch in and help. Put on your colours and join me in the fields. Come and help with the Victory Harvest! 

Bring your box bags. Wear your silk stockings. Wave your colourful scarves. Stand on uneven rocks. Damage your heels. Give them up for the revolution. Do it for your born and unborn children so future generations can be free to wear whatever colours they want. Do your part in this revolution!

Join the Women’s Colourful Land Army. Colour to the People! Viva La Colour Revolution!

Land Girls (7 of 8)Land Girls (5 of 8)Land Girls (1 of 8)Land Girls (3 of 8)Land Girls collage 1

WEARING: Nine West heels | UNIQLO silk shirt | 50s vintage skirt | Miss L Fire box bag | New Look jacket | DEBENHAMS scarf

PHOTOSHOOT LOCATION: Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York

Box bag inspiration drawn from this vintage photo of the real British Land Girls.


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