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the Countess of Glamour

New York has been snowed in but that changes nothin. It’s fashion week and the show must go on. So, how do we layer to keep warm and fabulous? I approached non other than Lynn Dell Cohen, the New York’s Countess of Glamour and owner of the Off Broadway Boutique to share her tips. Not only did Lynn layer up in white to celebrate the snow, but she accessorised for a special Valentines look.

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But before we got talking about her outfit, we talked about fashion, trends and personal style. Her philosophy is short and spot-on: “Fashion says me too, style says ONLY ME.” Instead of investing in trends, she advises to invest in your style. Yes, she means be Tru’ to You – Be ONLY YOU. Lynn is Tru’ to herself all the way. She dresses for the theatre of her life everyday. With age, she explains, we all get better at it and more Tru’ to what we really love. The Advanced Style blog by Ari Seth Cohen documents just that.

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“I love strong colours. All colours work if the intensity is right,” she says. With 50 years of accessorising experience she confidently explains that you can wear the same thing everyday and by accessorising it differently, you change the outfit completely. Don’t just take her word for it. In a matter of minutes, she walks around her boutique picking up items either in red or white, changing her outfit faster than I could click. A red hat made to order would definitively change the style. A simple knitted white hat can be accessorised with feathers to add glamour. A red fur bag will make your look more unique than you hoped for.

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Of course, you can do the same combos with all other colours, not just red. Or you can keep it clean, all in white. Lynn walks around her boutique some more, playing with accessories that would work. Her store is full of unique jewellery she collects from all over the world. You can add pearls to the outfit for more glamour, or wear a buttoned cowl neck tunic for a casual look. 

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As for beating the cold outside, Lynn advises to layer fashionably. She adds to the outfit a fur sleeveless jacket, scarf and gloves – all in shades of white. Scarves, hats and gloves are your best friends, she says. She collects them tirelessly. 

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On her feet she adds a pair of white fur boots she got 10 years ago for a ski trip. Of course she still has them, she bought them to fit her style not the trends of the time. Last but not least, a mongolian fur bag from her boutique as a cherry on top to complete the look. I tip my hat to her.

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What else is there left but to Tru’ La La in this wonderful ensemble? “World here I am!” – says Lynn as she goes about Upper West Side celebrating Valentines in her own glamorous way.

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GET THE LOOK: Red heart shaped brooch is a vintage collectible by Bettina Von Walhof. The mongolian fur bag is from her boutique and also available in burgundy, black and chocolate brown. The hat and earrings are vintage. Red fur bag is by Iris Apfel and together with other accessories featured above – available in the boutique. 

When in New York, go visit Lynn at her boutique and she will help you pick items that match your style. The boutique has a separate jewellery section, vintage section and a workshop downstairs for any tailor made clothing. If she can’t find that unique thing she’s looking for, they make it downstairs at the boutique. And if you want to hear her in action, check out this video by Advanced Style

Photoshoot location: Off Broadway Boutique at 139 W 72nd St in New York and Verdi Square on Upper West Side.

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