Winter to Spring Transition Outfit

Finally we’re seeing some sunshine in New York. People have flooded the streets to fill their bodies with vitamin D because those pills at the pharmacy are just not as good as the unprotected UV light. But there’s still a chill in the air. Spring is running unfashionably late this season and desperate to wear spring colours, we’ve got two potions. Option 1) We wear the trench coat to brunch and shiver on the way back home, and continue to pee every 15 min for the next 3 hours. Option 2) We wear winter clothes with spring colours, look a bit mismatched-but-happy gipsy style. Option 2 of course. I have this French Connection double breasted ivory coat with fur collar, that was too thin for the real winter but perfect for this March winter.  (Quick note to fashionable meteorologists reading this – spring does not begin in March!)

Winter to Spring (5 of 14)

We’ve seen a lot of neon on the runways lately, so I shall be taking for a ride my Shae knitted neon cashmere jumper and a citrus leather crossbody bag. To match the gold chain in the bag, I add my blue chain necklace. A pair of vintage green suede gloves always come handy, whether you’re playing a trick or not. They are too thin to keep you warm in winter but perfect for sunny vanity days like these.

Winter to Spring Collage 1

To the detriment on my mother’s mental health, I will add a neon pink pleated Asos midi skirt with blue and green flowers. ‘I’m not saying anything, it’s just that you’re not very ladylike’ – I can almost hear her from across the Atlantic, as she sits in matching shoes and bag, always leather of course. But mother, the blue in the flowers is talking to the blue chain, while the green will match with the gloves above. But she has stopped listening to me at the sight of my shoes. 

WInter to Spring Collage 5

I recently scored a pair of Pollini crock leather laced shoes on sale at Yoox. Although very high heeled, they are surprisingly comfortable. I can see my mother eyeing them up. ‘They look a bit like a tractor, don’t they?’ Useless to try and make my point across that my Uniqlo light blue tights are neutralising the brights and the blues.

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Tractor or not, these shoes are comfortable for an over 4 inch heel. As I made this statement, my cheeky husband challenged me to stand on an uneven rock in the middle of the traffic in Dumbo, just underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. What can I say, I married a practical man. Were my knees shaky? – You bet. But these heels have a grip. So does my pride. I was going to stand straight, alright!

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Besides, behind these over-the-top Missoni sunglasses nobody will know it’s me. If only those beeping cars could see my vintage earrings, though. That’s where vanity meets OCD. 

Winter to Spring Collage 4

What else is left but to Tru’ La La in in this colourful ensemble? – To start a revolution of course. Join the movement. Colour to the people!

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GET THE LOOK: French Connection coat. See my Tru’ Finds for the Shea yellow jumper. My cross body is Pour La Victoire sold-out, but similar French Connection on sale. Pollini shoes, scored on sale online at Yoox similar style in booties here and in sandals here. Asos skirt, similar here. Kenneth Jay Lane necklace, now on sale at Bluefly. Tights are from Uniqlo. Sunglasses are Missoni, similar here.


Photoshoot location: Dumbo waterfront, Brooklyn, New York. 



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