Wear Pink and Rob a Bank. Why not?   HOT !

Wear Pink & Rob a Bank

Dear Secret Agents,

It’s Wednesday! Happy Wednesday. On Wednesdays We Wear Pink and rob a bank! As the British saying goes, Keep Calm and Wear Pink. Keep Calm and Rob a Pink Bank. I just did. I wore my beautiful art lace pink necklace and drilled into the bank. Errrrrr… my Vintage Pink Piggy Bank that is. I shook it first, but there were no coins. I knew I was in for the big buck. Paper money. Big money! Instead out came this beautiful illustration of my Cherry Blossom Mission made by the talented  illustrator Lorena Balea-Raitz, the same woman behind the necklace I have on. That’s right, designer and illustrator.

So, here’s another recap: on a Wear Pink day, I rob a Pink Bank in the UK and get a Pink fashion illustration from Australia of my Pink spring outfit in New York?

Hmmm? – PINK, Connecting people? Nokia stole my tagline. Viva La Colour Revolution! Wear Pink! Pink to the People!

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This blog post is a collaboration with the talented Australian fashion illustrator and accessories designer Lorena Balea-Raitz. Lorena creates beautiful Romanian Point Lace accessories. I am wearing her necklace above. I also wore one on my Beat the January Blues post. Lorena uses an old lace-making technique to create one of a kind wearable art jewellery. You can follow her work on her Romanian Point Lace Design Facebook page. I also encourage you to browse through her Point Lace Etsy shop. Last but certainly not least, her Fashion Illustrations on Etsy are perfect gifts for your fashionista friends. For updates and new work follow her beautiful illustrations on Facebook.

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