Vive Le Brighton!

Vive Le Brighton!

Cher Agents Secrets,

Vive Le Brighton! That’s what we say; on a bright sunny friday, like today! Our secret agent has been meandering around Brighton’s hidden streets in a Vive-La-Resistance yellow beret and gloves, matching the sunshine and spreading the Colour Revolution. Thanks to the Brighton Fringe, the city has been flocked with artist revolutionaries working undercover as musicians, cabaret singers and comedians. They are all camouflaged as vintage dance troupes, singing and dancing joyfully. But make no mistake, they are all working towards the same cause; to keep the People’s Republic of Brighton and Hove outside of the established social complacency, perpetually celebrating every gay colour of the rainbow.

Brightonians may wear 1950s Lupita granny shoes, like our Frenchy secret agent below, but don’t let that fool you. You are dealing with ultra liberals here. The trading currency between our Brighton secret agents is open-mindedness. They see a man in a dress, he gets a salute. They see naked people riding bikes, they wave bon voyage. They see men with waxed twisted moustaches, they say howdy where can I get me some of that wax?

To describe Brightonian Neanderthals one could borow Dorothy Perkin’s quote on the Bloomsbury group: “they live in squares, paint in circles and love in triangles.”

We do, we do, we do. Lucky Moon Lee designed a clutch that fully embraces that decadence! Too sexy for my clutch? – Nah. Squares, circles, triangles…bring it on! Let’s colour that black background.

Vive la République! Vive Le Brighton! La Liberte pour les Brightonians!

Vive Le Brighton (1 of 1)-3Vive Le Brighton (6 of 7)Vive Le Brighton (3 of 7)Vive Le Brighton (4 of 7) Vive Le Brighton (2 of 7)Vive Le Brighton (7 of 7)Vive Le Brighton (1 of 7)Vive Le Brighton (1 of 1)-2Vive Le Brighton (1 of 1)

fe6b00_5ce22043489b4b9694cc14fd6746bfb6 This post is a collaboration with Moon Lee design house in London. I met the Korean designer Injoo Lee back in February at the London Fashion Week and fell in love with her AW 2016 collection featured above. I took the clutch and wore it with a Brighton look, where vintage and modern meet and greet. Her AW 2016 is a letter of condolence, dedicated to the tragic events that took place in Paris, on the 13th of November 2015. As people record historical data on paper, Injoo Lee wanted to mark her garments, leaving them to become a source of reference, an archive.

Preston Zly Logo This post is also a collaboration with the Australian design house PRESTON ZLY.  I am featuring granny style LUPITA Medium open toes previously featured on Hello From January Blues to Blossom. Told you in January, I can’t wait for spring to wear them with socks?! – Voila! Lupita Medium is a stunning style, featuring a diverse colour palette ranging from super bright to soft and pastel inspired by 1950’s fabric prints, with a strong Cuban heel and curvaceous platform, punched vamp and hand woven leather fish bone detailing. Did I mention, they are comfortable too?

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