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Viva La Fashion Revolution

Dear Secret Agents,

Viva La Fashion Revolution! Five years ago on this day, 1133 people died in the Rana Plaza catastrophe in the Bangladesh, while working for familiar fashion brands. The accident in a Dhaka garment building was a trigger for our secret agents to unite and start the Fashion Revolution. The demands of this revolution are simple, to connect the lost connection in the fashion supply chain. Our secret agents fully support the missions of this revolution.

On this day, I would also like to mark a one year of our Colour Revolution started in San Francisco by unveiling the official flag of our revolution. The flag, designed by our top secret agent SO KLARA, is a perfect example where the Fashion Revolution  meets our Colour Revolution. The silk flag is part of her BE BOLD AND COLOURFUL collection. BE BOLD to be authentic and control the production of your label and BE COLOURFUL to bring joy to your followers.

The determination to colour our world has never been stronger. The SO KLARA flag is being flown around the world by our secret agents, often to brighten very grey urban areas. Our secret agent Digital Overkill secretly filmed Tru’ Lavina flying the new flag of the Colour Revolution around Brighton.

Viva La Fashion Revolution! Viva La Colour Revolution! Ethical Colourful Fashion to the People! Be Bold and Colourful!Viva La Fashion Revolution-3Viva La Fashion Revolution-2Viva La Fashion RevolutionViva La Fashion Revolution-7


This post is a collaboration with the talented designer Klara Capouskova of SO KLARA designs. The scarf featured above is ESPAGNA, inspired by Spain. Selecting this scarf was hard, because all silk scarves from her Be Bold and Colourful collection are absolutely gorgeous. The best part of it, she paints the design herself and then prints it on high quality silk. It is very soft, you will want to hug it. Above all – it’s art. No wonder she has been selected to be part of the ONE YEAR ON NEW DESIGNERS 2015. You can also catch her 27 Apr – 3 May at the Contemporary Design Pop Up Shop. Why should you go meet her?

Klara is as vibrant as her designs. She trained in both counselling and art and having a passion for both, she applied for MA in both fields hoping fate would decide for her. But, she got accepted at both and was back on the crossroad. Then she remembered her childhood dream…  “I always dreamt of being an artist, I had clear visions of myself as a grown-up woman working in a bright spacious studio. I knew that was my purpose and I had to fearlessly follow this inner calling” – Klara says.

Not only did Klara become an artist, but she also discovered she can actually channel her passion for art and psychology throughout her textiles and create pieces that exude positivity and vibrant energy. Yes, she wants you to feel good in her colours. Stand a little taller.  You do understand now why she is my top secret agent, right?


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