Viva La Colour Revolution

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When busted for wearing bright colours in New York, I’d had enough. Why should I conform and wear black? I will be the change I want to see. I will start a Colour Revolution. I packed my spring colours and headed off to San Francisco, searching for spring. At JFK, security opened up my case, looking at my colours with suspicion. I could almost hear their thoughts: ‘She lives in New York, where are the black outfits?’

What’s with all this colour?‘ – security officer asked sharply, his nostrils flaring. I heard everyone wears bright colours in San Francisco‘ – I said, with a big smile. I was the personification of all the blondes from the blonde jokes brought together. When needs, must. He mumbled airhead‘ to himself and let me board the flight.

Once in San Francisco, I met spring at the Golden Gate Park by a very particular tree. It had a platform on the side, a soap box for many revolutionary speeches. Climbing the tree was not an easy task, but once up there, the colours took over. It’s time for change, and I can do it, I thought to myself. I put on my Orange Anthropologie Coat as a camouflage. Orange is the New Black, remember? – So, I stood there pretending to be a tourist as the comrades gathered around their droves, in colourful outfits. 

The Colour Revolution Collage 1

Underneath the orange coat, I was hiding a bright neon Shae sweater and neon yellow Pour La Victoire cross body bag – both previously featured in Winter to Spring Transition Outfit. Do you see the aqua mint necklace on my neck? It was a present from a comrade on Haight Street who introduced me to the leaders of the 60s love revolution. A token of love, from one revolutionary to the other. I cannot tag her for security reasons (these pages are sometimes inflitrated by the fashion police).

The Colour Revolution (4 of 7)

The best advise from the hippies was to wear flat shoes. So I out on my Paul and Betty lace-up shoes – ready to run fast if need be. Comrades also told me to watch out for the holes in the movement. Even the tree soap box, they say, has a deep hole in it. I nearly lost the revolution flag in it, a carefully chosen vintage Liz Clairborne colourful scarf. As the saying goes Love it. Live it. Liz it!

The Colour Revolution (5 of 7)

But, I stood straight and stoic, waved to the crowd gathered to witness the colour revolution and raised my flag high up in the air. The Colour Revolution began and I heard Che Guevara wisper through my messy hair: ‘Better to die standing than live on your knees.‘ Comrades, we did it! Viva La Revolution! Join the Colour Revolution today!

  The Colour Revolution Collage 2

p.s. The orange coat has now been banned by the fashion police, but some loyal comrades are selling it on ebay with the code Orange Anthropologie Puddle Chaser. Also, if you see the fashion police approaching here’s a comrade showing you how to do The Revolution Jump and run for your life!


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