Vintage Lady Postie   HOT !

Vintage Lady Postie

Dear Secret Agents,

The rumour is true – we do have a Vintage Lady Postie among our secret agents. We don’t use her very often but there are missions where the Vintage Lady Postie is indispensable. Especially, when messages need to be delivered directly to the letterbox.

Her moves are quick and efficient. She comes to the property, dressed for a tea party – gloves, hat and all. Then just loiters around the house. A passer-by would think it’s the guest aunt who just happened to forget her key! Her Vintage Look is not an accident. An auntie stuck in time, out of her knitting nest just for an afternoon tea. That’s the look she’s after. Wearing pastel mixed prints and lace, you’d think the last time she went shopping was during the Blitz! Popular belief is that she is the Wicked Witch of the East and that she has in her dark moments buried shoes in her garden.

But don’t let her crinkled dress fool you. She will seamlessly deliver our message straight to the enemy’s letterbox. Then she will jump fence and leave. The only danger of the Vintage Lady Postie ever getting caught are the bloody pink roses. She just can’t help it but lie down, put her feet up and enjoy the view. Yes, there were times when owners showed up looking at this strange woman lying down on their porch. But, who would ever suspect such an auntie of any wrongdoings? She is often offered tea and biscuits and a sometimes even a roses from the bunch she had been admiring.

Viva La Vintage Lady Postie! Viva La Colour Revolution! Vintage Aunties to the People!

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SECRET AGENT CAMOUFLAGE: Dress is Trina Turk | Lace necklace is Lorena Balea-Raitz previously featured on Beat the January Blues in Style | Cardigan is Anthropologie | SHOES SHOES stay tuned – follow my Instagram –  I will be doing a Giveaway!

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