Two Tone Marlene Ankle Boots   HOT !

Two Tone Marlene Ankle Boots

Dear Secret Agents,

Two Tone Marlene Ankle Boots. The name says it all. Don’t shorten it. Just say it. Then throw some two tone prints all over you and mix the hell out of them. Leopard print, geometric print, anything print will do. If you overdid it, no biggie, just stare at a white wall for a minute.

My Two Tone Marlene Ankle Boots are casually known as Marlene Two Tone. Just like Marlene Dietrich, these Two Tone Marlene Ankle Boots are daring yet refined. An urban graffiti kick brings them to the 21st century.

Speaking of Marlene Dietrich* I must give out her two cents on style: “I dress for the image. Not for myself, not for the public, not for fashion, not for men.”

Viva La Marlene Dietrich! Viva La Two Tone Marlene Ankle Boots! Viva La Colour Revolution!

Two Tone Marlene Ankle BootsTwo Tone Marlene Ankle Boots-2 Two Tone Marlene Ankle Boots -3 Two Tone Marlene Ankle Boots -5 Two Tone Marlene Ankle Boots-6



This post is a collaboration with the Australian PRESTON ZLY shoe design house. Marlene Two Tone Ankle Boots are from their Zima gritty collection inspired by a Russia of the imagining. Zima in Russian means winter and winter grit. With the use of airbrushing more familiar to the graffiti scene, the Marlene Two Tone is a truly urban style. You can also adjust the level of grit. Besides butter, they are available in black and silver. With a signature Preston Zly wooden heel, this is a must have boot for the season.

In a time of mass production where even a small shoes order is measured in the thousands, this is a  Limited Edition shoe painstakingly & meticulously Handmade by our dedicated craftsmen, all experts in their particular field of shoemaking.


During the time of high fashion, feminine dresses, Marlene Dietrich cultivated her own style with her sultry look and androgynous wardrobe. She was a woman ahead of her time, scandalizing the world with her sexual comments and rumors of bisexual love affairs. Shocked or excited, people could not take their eyes off her. Miss Silhouette Style has more on Marlene as a style icon.


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