Tru’ Revolution Watchdog   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

I’m excited to announce that we have now started a Tru’ Revolution Watchdog Mission to capture The Wicked Witch of the East and bring our Blue Shoes back. Our agents can be spotted in Colourful Outfits, Oversized Sunglasses, and Red Louis Vuitton Handbag patrolling 24/7 around the Four Freedoms Park in New York, where the Wicked Witch was last seen. Secret agents are helicoptered down on the ground, where they stroll around fashionably in their colourful clothes. When their shift is over, they signal by standing tall, feet apart, hands in pockets and the helicopter knows it’s time for a pick up and shift change.

Below are some moments of our last Watchdog Mission. If you are a blogger and want to brave a Tru’ Revolution Watchdog mission, get in touch.

Tru Watchdog (1 of 4) Tru Watchdog (2 of 4) Tru Watchdog (3 of 4) Tru Watchdog (4 of 4)

GET THE TRU’ WATCHDOG LOOK: Outfit tips from our secret agent on The Bargain District blog.

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