Tru Colour Revolution!

Tru Colour Revolution!

Dear Secret Agents,

Tru Lavina is a Secret Agent inspiring everyone to wear more colour. When I moved to New York three years ago, I was bombarded with black outfits! On the subway. In the park. At the bar. In the shops. At the galleries. Pretty much, everywhere…and they all had their claim on style? – Well, I agree with Iris Apfel, that ‘in New York you can tell somebody’s zip code by what they’re wearing‘. That’s exactly what I saw. That’s not style. That’s not individuality. That’s conformity. That’s authoritarian. So I started a Tru Colour Revolution!


Tru Colour Revolution

Illustration by Lorena-Baiz Designs

Tru Lavina  = when read phonetically (TrooLaveena) is the feminine of the Balkan slang Trullo (Troolou) – aka lost case.

Tru = Having colours and diversity in our style is simply being true to our colourful nature. Sorry, TRU to our nature.

Lavina = In classical mythology, Lavina was the daughter of King Latinusand the wife of Trojan hero Aeneas, who named the city Lavinium in her honour. People with this name have a deep inner desire to share their own strongly held views and inspire others in a higher cause. Bang on!

Colour Revolution = a term coined to describe various related movements that developed in civil societies in the former Soviet Union & the Balkans during the early 2000s. Using nonviolent resistance, also called civil resistance, people protested against governments seen as corrupt and/or authoritarian and created strong pressure for change.


My Secret Agent Tru’ Lavina is full of Attitude and Parody and Colour. Stories are fictitious but they involve real-time inspirational women like Amelia Earhart and artists like Frida Kahlo.  Beauty is subjective and diverse, and I find it hard to digest the mostly black and grey trendy image served today. I intend to wear pink/red/yellow well into my 70ies, if I am lucky to live that long. That’s why I featured the extravagant Lynn Cohen: The New York Countess of Glamour in my very first blog posts.



On my  Tru’ Collabs I recruit Secret Agents – brands and designers/artists that share the same love for colours in their designs. I have collaborated with brands from across the globe: To Be Shoes (Spain), Preston Zly (Australia), SO KLARA (UK) Flamindigo (Germany),  Miyas (Germany), Balea-Raitz Designs (Australia), Kiki Dumitrescu (Romania), The Avarca Store (New York), Imelda’s Secret (Portugal), Cala Mari (Qatar). If you are an emerging designer and you want to join my Tru Colour Revolution, shoot me an email at <>.



I have now moved from New York back to Brighton (UK) – a city that flamboyantly parades in rainbow colours. I continue my Tru Colour Revolution and try to ‘brighten’ your day with colourful and quirky secret missions.



I’m a photographer by day and I’ve become a master of shooting with the self-timer. I also employ friends who want to have a bit of fun. If you see a slightly overdressed woman in Brighton, going back & forth between a spot and her camera & tripod…come say hello!

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