The Cloud Gate   HOT !


Dear Secret Agents,

Last week I visited the headquarters of the Tru’ Revolution in Chicago: the Cloud Gate which Fashion Police call The Bean. Because of the sensitive nature of this mission, I’m afraid details will be kept to the minimum but below is what I can share without jeopardising our security.

When visiting the Cloud Gate, you should be in silver attire, including your shoes. Due to the crowds, that’s the only way agents within the Cloud Gate can spot you. Yes, there are secret agents living permanently inside the Cloud Gate. To get connected to them, press your hand against the surface of Cloud Gate and hold for 90 seconds for them to scan your fingerprints and verify your identity. Your nails should be painted in different colours and they should match your lipstick and necklace colours. Next, you also press your silver shoe against the Cloud Gate too, so they can verify your secret agent code imprinted on the sole.

The Silver Bean Mission (2 of 6)

In case of doubt, they will ask you to face your clutch forward for a scan too to make sure the silver bow matches the silver in the shoes.

The Silver Bean Mission (3 of 6)

When your identity is fully verified, you will receive a message on your phone. It will contain an image of the Fashion Police that is your next target.

The Silver Bean Mission (6 of 6)

The target is usually circlulating around the Cloud Gate trying to intercept our communication lines. Your task will be to capture them on camera while pretending to snap selfies.

The Silver Bean Mission (5 of 6)

If there is any risk of the Fashion Police inflitration, you’ll get a message from agents inside the Cloud Gate in the form of a photo. Remember, the hidden message that needs deciphering is in the clouds. It’s called Cloud Gate for a reason.

The Silver Secret Mission (1 of 6)

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