The No-Pants Spring Coat 2

Weatherman said it’s going to snow today in New York. What do we say? Enough is enough! Now we can rebel and take our coats off altogether and then by the weekend we’re in bed sniffling and coughing. OR, we can still look like spring with this perfect plaid Asos coat. Quick, it’s on sale – grab a bargain. I saw it was on sale yesterday so woke up early this morning, and had my husband snap a few shots in the neighbourhood before he left for work. Our convo:

Hubby: I’m late, I really really have to go now.

Me: Just one more shot, get the details right pleaseee.

Then it hit me! Here’s one very important detail I forgot to get right: a skirt, shorts, trousers – literally anything to hide my bottom? If the wind blew you’d see me in tights and underwear. Truth be told, my brain starts functioning after the second cup of coffee. At 8 am – I’d had none. Bless the oversized tartan coat with tie front. I tied it tight – alright!

Tratan Coat (3 of 7)

Repeating the coat colours, I added my colourful necklaces. I also have this green Furla candybag that matches quite well.

Tratan Coat (6 of 7)

The bag matches my Marc Jacobs navy and green pumps that I bought in winter and have been desperate to Tru’ La La in them.

Tratan Coat (1 of 7)

It’s quite chilly in the morning, so I’m wearing my vintage green suede gloves, that also match the green in the shoes.

Tratan Coat (1 of 1)-2

What else is left but to Tru’ La La in the streets of Dumbo. Wind – please please please – don’t blow my coat away!

Tratan Coat (7 of 7)

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