The Edge of The Red Wedge   HOT !


Dear Secret Agents,

It’s time for another Red Wedge movement*

After indulging in Christmas holiday delights extra stomach folds appear unannounced and I hear that the temptation this January to wear all black is unbeatable. This being a massive threat to our Tru’ Revolution – we are sending out our top secret agents to start a Red Wedge revolution and keep colourful outfits alive.

You can spot our agents in a Red Wedge shoe by PRESTON ZLY. Our revolutionary secret agents are coming and knocking on your Red Doors. If your not at home, our agents will sit in front of the door and wait for you. This delivery is strictly personal. Red Wedge shoe details carry confidential messages that can only be discussed face to face. No matter how late you will come home, our Red Wedge secret agent will be waiting. Don’t worry, the Edge of the Red Wedge with its long laces will keep our Secret Agents amused!

Viva La Colour Revolution! Viva La Red Wedge!

Edge of the Wedge-5Red Wedge-4Red Wedge-7Red Wedge-3Red Wedge-2Red Wedge-8



This post is a collaboration with the Australian PRESTON ZLY shoe design house. I came across their wearable art shoes on Instagram and was completely taken by the Vintage Collection which I highly encourage you to look through.

We love looking back at the footwear of the past – this brings a kind of romance to what we do – it provides people with something recognizable and yet when we re-interpret or bring these elements to our creations we turn this traditional past on its head,” – shoe designer Johanna Preston told me.

Apart from visible edgy quirks like the long leather straps on the Selina Wedge above, Preston Zly shoes play with hidden details such as stitching on the underside of the shoe and other details that are meant for the wearer only. That’s why deliveries above are only delivered in person. Stay tuned for more on the details in the coming blogs.


*Red Wedge was a collective of musicians who attempted to engage young people with politics in general, and the policies of the Labour Party in particular, during the period leading up to the 1987 general election, in the hope of ousting the Conservative government of Margaret Thatcher. Read more about the Read Wedge.


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