The Chicago Blues   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

You’ve heard about the Chicago Blues right? While the mainstream associate it with the music, us Secret Agents think outside the box. Always. When visiting Chicago, we dress in blue. A distinguishable, comfortable and multipurpose blue. Finding the right camouflage is often tricky. First and foremost, it should be very urban and light. You’ll be on the go, from a train to a taxi to waterfalls. Yes, you heard me right, waterfalls.

The camouflage tips as follows: A floaty blue summer Blue Dress, cotton or linen. Jelly shoes. No big jewellery. A sturdy leather cross-body bag, not too big. No camera, iPhone images will do.

The Chicago Mission (9 of 9)

To test it, jump at full speed and spread your legs. If that feels comfortable, you’re ready for the mission.

The Chicago Mission (5 of 9)

Regardless of how comfortable your camouflage is, secret missions are a sometimes dangerously uncomfortable. Especially when you’re standing on glass, looking 103 floors down. That’s Chicago SkyDeck for you.

The Chicago Mission (6 of 9)

But in no time, you’ll forget about fear because you’re deeply engaged in your spying mission. Taking notes who, what, wearing black?

The Chicago Mission (8 of 9)

When back on the ground level, a second test awaits you. In Chicago, secret messages are distributed through the Millennium Park Waterfalls. So you gotta get in there.

The Chicago Mission (1 of 2)

And you gotta get wet. This is why jelly shoes are your best friend. Don’t forget to leave the leather bag behind.

The Chicago Mission (2 of 2)

Unfortunately, you won’t receive the secret code until you’re completely drenched, head to toe.

The Chicago Mission (1 of 9)

Once your mission is complete, good luck walking back to your hotel as passersby stare at your wet nipples. Cause they will. That’s what we Secret Agents call ‘The Chicago Blues’. You can’t really hop on a taxi, can you? Enjoy your walk of shame. All for a good cause. Viva La Colour Revolution! Chicago Blues to the People!

The Chicago Mission (2 of 9)

THE CHICAGO BLUES CAMOUFLAGE: Urban Outfitters dress | The Leather Satchel bag |  Vintage Dona Jelly Woven flat 




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