The Cherry Blossom Mission

Dear Secret Agents,

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom this week. I am delighted to announce that Mother Nature is on our side and fully supporting our Colour Revolution. I have left messages for you this weekend at our secret meeting place – the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It is of utmost importance that we continue to share our secret messages while remaining vigilant. The Fashion Police is on guard. They have noticed the blossom of colours in spring and are continuously pressuring people to wear the New York dark outfits. Do not fret. We’ve got it under control. Below are 12 steps on how to meet each other and exchange messages without being spotted by the Fashion Police.

Vila La Colour Revolution! Colour to the People! 

STEP 1: Wear a Floral Skater Dress, look like you’re going for an open theatre picnic and always carry messages in two different bags. Sit with people, phone in hand, pretending you’re waiting for someone to call. 

Cherry Blossoms (15 of 19)

STEP 2: Pretend you got the text from your friend and off you go, quickly, accidentally forgetting the Flowery Tote Shopper Bag behind. Always look back to spot the next agent who will pick it up.

Cherry Blossoms (14 of 19)

STEP 3: Hide behind cherry blossoms and wait until the bag is in safe hands. Cat Eye Sunglasses and Bight Pink Lipstick will help your camouflage.

Cherry Blossoms (8 of 19)

STEP 4: If need be, take extra measures. Hide in the woods, behind rails. Alternatively, climb to the top of the hill and survey the situation from above.

Cherry Blossoms Collage1

STEP 5: Return to the crime scene when it’s empty again. Re-assess the situation. Use a Brooklyn Botanic Garden brochure to discretely signal to the next agent.

Cherry Blossoms (18 of 19)

STEP 6: Scout for the perfect tree. Always careful, always hiding. You never know who else is there. 

Cherry Blossoms (13 of 19)

STEP 7: If you are spotted by the Fashion Police, quickly put on an enchanted face! Aren’t those cherry blossom gorgeous? Pretty in Pink!

Cherry Blossoms (10 of 19)

STEP 8: When the Fashion Police is past you, get back to your mission. 

Cherry Blossoms (9 of 19)

STEP 9: Subtlety and quietly, execute your mission. Make sure the Clear Lucite Clutch is stable on the tree.

Cherry Blossoms (1 of 19)

STEP 10: Then signal the other agent to pick it up. Do not leave until the bag is safely in the hands of the other agent.

Cherry Blossoms (11 of 19)

STEP 11: When you have accomplished both missions, breathe with confidence. You’ve done it again. For the Revolution!

Cherry Blossoms (12 of 19)

STEP 12: Kick of those Pink Blush Heels and lie down on the grass. Cherry the cherry blossoms. For real. Viva La Colour Revolution!

Cherry Blossoms (19 of 19)

Monsoon floral dress | Missoni sunglasses | Cath Kidston floral tote | Miss L Fire lucite boxbag | Pied-A-Terre shoes | Vintage scarf and gloves from The Bargain Disctrict | Lipstick from Sephora Collection 



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