Teal Blue to the Flu

Teal Blue to the Flu

Dear Secret Agents,

What does Teal Blue have to do with the flu? Well, my work and travel lately was topped up with a flu. I felt blue. But I had to get out of the house and complete a secret mission. I put on the colours of the street sign where I was meeting another secret agent and off I went to the spot. The message was clear. I had to stand underneath the street sign, wearing its colours. I had to signal to the agent from afar. Then reach for my phone and post and tag the secret agent on Instagram. Yes, top secret indeed!

The street sign was black and white monochrome, so I focused on the white and popped the teal blue. Blue is good for the flu. My casual white Flamindigo bag with a blue handle came in handy. I figured if it was made by a doctor, it’s gotta have some flu healing powers? Reasonable, right? Oh yes and the street name was St. Peters! Between medical science and religion, I was covered. But just in case I’m headed straight to heaven, I wore white shoes – the Leonora T Wedge by Preston Zly previously featured on Pretty Spring Floral Prints.

Mission Completed. Down with the flu! Viva La Blue! Teal Blue to the flu! Monochrome & Colour-5Monochrome & Colour-4Monochrome & Colour-3Monochrome & Colour-2Monochrome & Colour



Leonora T Wedge shoes I am wearing are from the vintage collection of the Australian shoe design house Preston Zly.

You can explore this Australian luxury shoe brand on my previous posts: Be My Valentine Red Shoe?  |  Two Tone Marlene Ankle Boots  |  Bloody Blue Monday Boots  | The Edge of the Red Wedge


Flamindigo Logo

The handbag I am wearing is by designer David Usadel, the so-called ‘handbag doctor’. A practicing doctor by trade, David started his Flamindigo adventure in 2012 and by autumn 2014 he launched his website to a great Christmas sales success. He sees patients by day and designs bags by night. Hence the nickname The Handbag Doctor! Today, his blue handle Die Flamindigo CASUAL saved me from the flu.

Flamindigo bags are previously featured on Mellow Yellow Woman’s Day and Doctor Bag, My Sweet Valentine.


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