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Dear Secret Agents,

In British fashion, when we talk about Tartan Dress and Queen in one sentence – we mean the late Alexander McQueen. I want to present you something different.

I am delighted to present you the Tartan Queen of our Tru’ Revolution. When it comes to style, our Tartan Queen is courageous but has very high expectations. When you invite her to the opera, she won’t wear black. If you refuse to give her the Tartan Dress she wants, you may be dead. This Queen is notorious for beheading those who do not satisfy her tartan needs.

To come up with a special dress for her, I collaborated with emerging designer from Pristina, Kosovo – Berna Saraci. Berna bravely agreed to come up with a unique tartan dress for our Queen. Needless to say, Berna is still alive. Her Tartan Dress was a success. See for yourself. Isn’t below a Tartan Dress fit for Queen?

Viva La Queen! Viva La Tartan! Viva La Colour Revolution!

Tartan Dress 1Tartan DressTartan Dress 2Tartan Dress 3

Photography by Jeta B Photogoraphy. Hair by Avalon Hair. MUA by Rrona Halili. Accessories by Dodo Silver.


Jonathan Faiers best explains the McQueen and Tartan connection. Did McQueen think of tartan in his designs as giving back to Scotland? This is his take on it: “Scotland for me is a harsh, cold and bitter place. It was even worse when my great, great grandfather used to live there. . . . The reason I’m patriotic about Scotland is because I think it’s been dealt a really hard hand. It’s marketed the world over as . . . haggis . . . bagpipes. But no one ever puts anything back into it.

For the 2006 Metropolitan Gala benefit dinner to celebrate the opening of McQueens exhibition AngloMania, McQueen and Sarah Jessica Parker arrived together in matching tartan finery. When asked to wear his family tartan and walk the steps of the Met, Sarah Jessica Parker was delighted. So that’s really where it began. In 2010 Sarah Jessica Parker presented McQueen Tribute at the CFDA awards.


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One thought on “Tartan Dress fit for a Queen

  • Anonymous

    The dress…. the history behind it…. the immense respect for Alexander McQueen’s legacy…. the concept of this photo shoot…. the photographer, designer and all the team work, dedication and most of it passion – Make me a very proud Queen of it all! :)