Superwoman in Blue Shoes

Dear Secret Agents,

I am ecstatic to announce that a SuperWoman with flying powers has joined our Colour Revolution. Her name is Monique Von BargainDistrict. Her mission is to fly around Manhattan camouflaged in nude skin colours, pretending to be a normal human being. But don’t let her nude colours fool you. While you’re taken aback by her graciousness, she is actively fighting on the battle front. You can spot her by the very distinct Sergio Rossi cobalt blue shoes which are the source of her flying powers. I had the honour of collaborating with her in one of her secret missions this weekend. She doesn’t just sit around waiting for the colour revolution to come to her doorstep. She is out there, flying around Manhattan Day-in, Day-out…spreading the seeds of her cobalt blue colour around New York City. She’s a true revolutionary, a Manhattanite superwoman in disguise. Viva La Colour Revolution! Colour to the People!

It all starts at the Four Freedom Park in Roosevelt Island when she locates her Cobalt Blue Sergio Rossi shoes, left by the previous secret agent. The shoes are sitting crosslegged, on top of a rock.

Superwoman in Blue Shoes (1 of 1)-5

She takes the shoes and climbs on the rock. Someone is usually only a few feet away. But taken by the beauty of the New York Skyline, they fail to notice her. Like that man on the bench.

Superwoman in Blue Shoes (1 of 1)-10

Often tourists pass by, on a bike, hardly noticing her behind the bush as she flaps her skirt, getting ready to fly.

Superwoman in Blue Shoes (2 of 2)

She flaps it once. She flaps it twice. Then a flock of secret agents disguised as seagulls fly over her. She signals with the shoes.

Superwoman in Blue Shoes (1 of 2)

They signal back at her. The enemy is approaching. But are they coming that way?

Superwoman in Blue Shoes (1 of 1)-6

Then as she turns around, and here they come. The enemy, dressed in black. 

Superwoman in Blue Shoes (1 of 1)-3

She points at the destination to her Cobalt Blue Magic Shoes. She’s ready to attack. Off she goes!

Superwoman in Blue Shoes (1 of 1)-11

For security reasons, I cannot show images of what happens in the sky. We have to remain vigilant. The Fashion Police may be watching. But you can see her in full glory as she is ready to land back on the ground.

Superwoman in Blue Shoes (1 of 1)-7

She looks victorious. The mission was a success.  

Superwoman in Blue Shoes (1 of 1)

She lands on the ground like a ballerina, in a Tru La La mode, like she’d been dancing in the park all along.

Superwoman in Blue Shoes (1 of 1)-2

One last look at the enemy line…oh yeah, she annihilated them!

Superwoman in Blue Shoes (1 of 1)-12

What’s left for this superwoman but to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. La Vita e Bella! Viva La Colour Revolution! 

Superwoman in Blue Shoes (1 of 1)-13

You can learn more about Monique Von BargainDistrict disguise skills at The Bargain District blog.


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