Stuck to a Blue Door

Stuck on Blue Door   HOT !

Stuck on Blue Door

Dear Secret Agents,

One of our secret agents has been Stuck on Blue Door for a week now. She won’t step out of it. We’ve been trying to convince her to get out of this self confinement but to no avail. Apparently, she is Stuck on Blue Door to escape the Evil Eye. What Evil Eye you ask?!

Initially, we were as confused as you are. But researching on the net we found out about the secret between the blue doors. Apparently, in Turkey, China, and India, doors are painted blue to stops the ‘Nazar’ evil eye to enter their homes. Fair enough. As mad as this may sound, we were willing to work with it. We gave her a blue necklace, same colour as the door, to protect her against the Evil Eye. She put it on but did not step out. We gave her blue gloves. She put them on and struck 50s housewife moves. Again, she did not step out.

Stuck on Blue Door-2 Stuck on a Blue Door-3

We went as far as asking Flamindigo designer to produce a blue clutch just for her. She took the clutch and played it as a guitar, grinning!Stuck on Blue Door-11Stuck on Blue Door-5

She did yoga. She danced. She sang. All while Stuck on a Blue Door. After a week, the colour on the step started to wear out! Stuck on Blue Door-7 Stuck on Blue Door-6Stuck on Blue Door-8

She keeps shouting: ‘Tell Robin Hood I’m here!’ – Has she lost her marbles? What do we do if she continues to be Stuck on Blue Door? Any Evil Eye experts? Help please?

Stuck on Blue Door-4Stuck on Blue Door-9Stuck on Blue Door-10

Flamindigo Logo

This blog post is a collaboration with Flamindigo designer David Usadel, the so-called ‘handbag doctor’. David sees patients by day and designs bags by night. Hence the nickname The Handbag Doctor. The clutch featured above is a special colour edition of his clutch designs. It’s perfect for going out in town or for travelling with low cost airlines around Europe. It can hold your passport, wallet & phone but it’s thin enough so that when you come to board and Easy Jet tells you ‘just one bag please’ – you can easily slip it into your carry-on!

Flamindigo bags have previously been featured in Mellow Yellow Woman’s Day   &  Teal Blue to the Flu   &   Doctor Bag, My Sweet Valentine



This blog post was shot at The Robin Hood in Brighton, a relaxed blue-painted pizza serving pub which gives all its profits to charity.




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