Stranded at the Ghost Hotel   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

In my most recent mission, I was sent to Yosemite National Park. I was staying at the historic Hotel Jeffery, known for its paranormal activity. Yes, it’s a ghost hotel but that meant nothing to me. Never saw one, never believed in one. So I sat in the lobby, waiting for my ride. For that particular night, I was an undercover jazz singer at one of the gold-rush towns nearby. A fellow secret agent was to accompany me as my husband.

The Ghost Hotel Mission (1 of 4)

When the other agent was late picking me up, I phoned the base to get an update on the mission. I was told he had disappeared en route to meet me. Something fishy was going on.

The Ghost Hotel Mission (3 of 4)

Then a saw a white light walking towards me. I was petrified. There she was, an old woman with screaming blue eyes, white as a ghost.

The Ghost Hotel Mission (2 of 4)

A ghost, actually!! She ordered me to get off the phone and sit on the couch. Noiseless, I did – mouth still open. What happened next will stay there. Needless to say, I left a pee mark on that burgundy couch. Viva Tru Revolution!

The Ghost Hotel Mission (4 of 4)

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