Split Personality Shoe Disorder

Split Personality Shoe disorder

Dear Secret Agents,

How does it feel living with a split personality shoe disorder? Lucky we’ve got just the right shoes for you to walk into and understand. While others look at the disorder with a critical eye, our colour revolution deals with it.

One of our agents does suffer from this disorder and it’s blatantly obvious. She always struggles to find the right shoes, often turning up to our secret missions with two different shoes on each foot. To deal with her condition, we approached the shoe addict of all times Imelda Marcos who set up a special secret task force Imelda’s Secret to deal with the matter. The task force now produces shoes especially for our secret agents with split personality shoe disorder.

As a result, not only do our agents have the right shoes for every personality, they have shoes they love to collect – just like Imelda Marcos herself. They can change personalities and clothes but keep the same shoes. Imelda’s Secret feather is a connecting point for switching from one personality to another. Feather, feather in my hand, today whom do I represent?

Viva La Split Personality Shoes! Viva La Imelda’s Secret!

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Imelda's Secret LogoThis blog post is a collaboration with Rafaela Marques Pinto, the designer behind the IMELDA’S SECRET brand. I met her when I covered Pure London back in February and fell in love with her designs. I was not at all surprised to learn that Rafaela was indeed an architect by trade. You know I have a weak spot for designers who have stepped in from other professions, and I am ecstatic to add a Portuguese Architect to my collaborations with a German Doctor (who designed the bag featured above) and a Romanian Lawyer.

The name IMELDA’SECRET was inspired in the epitome of ‘shoe lover’ and uber-collector IMELDA MARCOS, believing that the secret for the compulsive action of collecting lies in the fact that shoes are an object of desire! The physical image of the brand is represented by a feather, reflecting the influences of design: exotic, texture and lightness.

NEY style featured above is from the fabulously colourful SS15 collection. ‘The SS15 collection premise sits in the sphere of architecture – tailor form to function with refined aesthetic detail. The provocative manifest is to demolish the dichotomy of suffering versus beauty‘ – Rafaela explains.



There is a lot of controversy in mainstream psychology about the causes and indeed the symptoms of the split personality disorder. What they agree is that this condition is a failure to integrate various aspects of identity, memory and consciousness in a single multidimensional self.

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