Silver NightJar in Blue Daylight   HOT !

Silver NightJar in Blue Daylight

Dear Secret Agents,

Have you ever seen a silver NightJar in Blue Daylight? I reckon, not. Nightjars are nocturnal birds mostly spotted at dusk or dawn hunting for moths. There are serious birdwatchers that daydream of nightjars only to find them asleep. But we are proud to announce that a rare NightJar human bird has just joined our Colour Revolution. This NightJar has got beautiful grey velvet feathers, a pointy leather silver beak and blue with green printed wings at the back. It stays out all night and if the daylight is a certain shade of blue, this NightJar continues wandering in the daytime, sticking to waterfronts.

It was last spotted in Geneva, on a blue daylight, wandering by the lakefront – talking to the fish, talking to the wind. Then suddenly, the NightJar realised the blue light is changing and the sun is about to come out. The NightJar spread its wings and released a very unique scream known as the NightJar calling and flew away. A pair of NightJar Silver Velvet Print Shoes were left behind, as though made by its feathers. Magic!

Viva La Blue Daylight! Viva La Nightjar! Viva La Colour Revolution!

Silver NightJar in Blue Daylight-6Silver NightJar in Blue Daylight-2-2   Silver NightJar in Blue Daylight-4-2Silver NightJar in Blue Daylight-3  Silver NightJar in Blue Daylight-4 Silver NightJar in Blue Daylight-5  Silver NightJar in Blue Daylight-7Silver NightJar in Blue Daylight-2Silver NightJar in Blue Daylight

Saira Logo BigThis blog post is a collaboration with a new UK independent shoes brand SAIRA. I came across their boots and fell in love with the NightJar Silver Velvet with Print featured above. I could immediately see them as the daytime-to-nightime shoes, especially during city breaks where you go out during the day, visit museums and galleries and you continue to dinner without having time to go back at the hotel and change.

They were perfect for my wandering in Geneva and they definitively turned heads! So I can confirm that these shoes are fun, feminine and stylish, and they love travel, colour, print and bringing a little bit of joy into the everyday. As written on the brand tag!

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