Secret Knock Sirop-Sirop!   HOT !

Secret Knock Sirop-Sirop!

Dear Secret Agents,

In the midst of a growing Colour Revolution secret agents are attending our Secret Knock Sirop Sirop meeting to map out new future missions. For security reasons we are unable to disclose the location but for those of you who have received secret invites and are on the way to the meeting, the secret knock is Sirop-Sirop.

How to open that door once you get there? First, you arrive camouflaged in Sirop candy collection by Kiki Dumitrescu. When you find the old church target stated in your secret invite, circle it a few times. Double check  you haven’t been followed. When you find that wooden door, don’t knock  immediately. Look around again. When you are absolutely certain you are not being followed, the Secret Knock is Sirop-Sirop.

Stories shared inside that door will be life changing. Hold your breath and enjoy the ride. You will be offered a choice to start anew. If you went in as a lawyer, you may come out a painter. If you went in as a doctor, you may come out a designer. If you went in as a social scientist, you may come out a photographer. To heighten brain activity, agents will only drink Sirop – a concentrated fruit juice of sugar and water.

Good luck! Viva La Sirop! Viva La Colour Revolution!

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KIKInewlogoThis blog post is a collaboration with the talented Romanian artist and designer KIKI DUMITRESCU. I came across her fabulous designs at Pure London show and we connected immediately. I believe it’s the strong instinct shared by people who have left careers others find ‘suitable’ to be who they are meant to be. KIKI left a career in law to follow her passion – painting. As she painted away, those paintings translated into fabulous Artwear Collection and the next thing she was studying fashion design and today she brings us this wonderful spring Sirop collection. What I love about her Sirop collection is the lushness of it. Candy colours with strong defined tailoring, a skill learned from her grandparents. Kiki will be attending Pure London in August again where you can meet her in person and browse her collections!

In the first look, I have combined Sirop with the Aphra boots by Preston Zly – previously featured on Bloody Blue Monday Shoes. In the second look, I have combined sirop with Duque by To Be Shoes previously featured on To Be Or to BeWitched.


Secret Knock is one of  the most interesting conferences of powerful entrepreneurs and innovators today. It’s a private invite-only event that started in the living room of the founder Greg Reid. It supports a forward-thinking collaborative approach to business.

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