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Secret Agent Blanche   HOT !

Secret Agent BLANCHE

Dear Secret Agents,

Do you know the story of Secret Agent Blanche, one of the fearless Women Who Spied for Britain in World War II? – Yes, at only 19 years of age, she was a specialist on explosives. She liked blowing things up, especially bridges. Neat.

Agent Blanche successfully infiltrated the Nazis when parachuted into France as a colourful Paris fashionista. She was indeed a secret agent of our Tru’ Colour Revolution and her parachuting skills came from the trainings on Brighton beach, jumping off the Brighton i360 and landing on her feet – in Blanche shoes, as always!

Agent Blanche-2-2

Unfortunately, upon landing in France just before D-Day, she lost the container with her colourful designer clothes. Secret Agent Blanche had to operate with what little clothes she had, like her Blanche shoes, a present by her friend Secret Agent Sonia Delaunay. Bu, we all know the saying: Give a girl the rights shoes and she can conquer the world!

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Secret Agent Blanche didn’t quite conquer the world, but she did infiltrate German forces, and spied on them. Having captured her container with clothes, Germans agents were looking for a female secret agent – a fashionista. You would expect Agent Blanche to hide away in the countryside wearing dark inconspicuous clothes? Quite the opposite. She was out and about, being merry in bright colours, in front of their faces. She flirted with all the German soldiers she could find. Secret Agent Blanche would go out in broad daylight, put her feet up and watch over the enemy lines. Nobody suspected her. She was that young lady in green shoes. What harm could she do, really?

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Agent Blanche was so convincing with her cover up that when the war ended, the French forces tied her to a lamppost mistaking her for a traitor! They interrogated and searched her thoroughly but Secret Agent Blanche, was stronger than the rocks she was standing on. She knew, she had been in the right shoes all along. Eventually, they released her but nobody quite got the the real secret, the one hidden in the wedge of her green shoes. It says TRU2015. It sounds like a discount code?

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Once released from capture, she just tightened her secret deeper in the Blanche shoes and marched forward on rocks, stronger than ever! Viva La Secret Agent Blanche! Viva La Colour Revolution! Blanche shoes to the People!

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logoThis post is a collaboration with the Australian design house PRESTON ZLY.

TRU2015 is a 20% discount coupon code that you can apply when shopping Blanche shoes above. Share it with fellow colourful secret agents!

Blanche shoe featured above comes from their TOWARDS WEARABLE ABSTRACTION collection. It’s a retro shoe that works perfectly with a modern look for a work outfit or a 40s dress for a night out. Work? – Oh yes, they are that comfortable, they passed the test of walking on Brighton rocks, remember? Of course the photo above is real! Secret Agent Blanche all the way!


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Secret Agent Blanche had indeed a big secret, not in her shoe but in her heart – her love for her husband Agent D’Arois. They were posted in different missions because it was feared that love would weaken them as agents. After Paris was liberated in 1944, they were reunited and the couple went to Canada, setting up home near Montreal where they raised six children. In October 1944, agent Blanche was awarded an MBE at the age of 20. Her full story can be read in The Women Who Spied for Britain.

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