Saving Majestic Montpellier   HOT !

Saving Majestic Montpellier

Dear Secret Agents,

We heard rumours that the Water Tower in Montpellier had been poisoned, so we sent one of our secret agents on an expeditious mission Saving Majestic Montpellier. The elegant Water Tower (Chateau d’Eau) has been standing tall at the top of Montpellier at the Promenade Dy Peyrou since the 17th century. Like many things French, this beautiful piece of architecture is more than just a water tower. During the days of Loius XIV it began as a meeting place for the 18th century Montpellier bourgeois. Overlooking Montpellier, the Water Tower is blessed by a constant fresh breeze. Affluent ladies and gentlemen of the time would escape hot summer days by promenading in the shade of the long rows of sycamore trees. All this while the proletariat was engulfed in constant rebellions, known as Fronde. Today, this is a place for everyone – joggers, musicians, students, tourists and locals alike.

For many years this Chateau d’Eau has been a meeting place of our Colour Revolution. Secret agents would meet at the crack of dawn to exchange messages and catch up walking the promenade. It has always been very easy for our secret agents to go in and out of it unnoticed, especially during the busy Sunday flea market. Spotting another secret agent was easy too, they would be bathing their feet on the pond right opposite Chateau d’Eau while everyone else was busy scouting for bric-à-brac. But this time, there will be no feet on the water. Instead our secret agent will be inspecting the water from all angles, all the while looking around to make sure she’s not being followed.

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The camouflage for this secret mission is a working woman on a summer day, with red details all over. Red is the default colour of the revolutionary proletariat. We told our secret agent to tone it down in both colour and style. Keep it simple. Borrowing red shoes from secret agent Lady in Red and the top from agent Kiki Miyas, she did look the part. Nobody would even suspect she was Saving Majestic Montpellier. Just another french lady enjoying the view, right?

Saving Majestic Montpellier-6Saving Majestic Montpellier-4

Lady in Teal Blue with the Flu lent us her bag, we just changed the handle from teal to red. Easily done thanks to colourful Flamindigo handles!

Saving Majestic Montpellier

Unfortunately, dead fish were spotted floating around the edges. As angry as our secret agent was, show must go on! We need to protect Montpellier!

Saving Majestic Montpellier-9

Keeping a low profile the agent sticks around, clearly not bathing her feet in water as per usual custom. Upon seeing the second agent, she waves in confirmation.

Saving Majestic Montpellier-8Saving Majestic Montpellier-7Saving Majestic Montpellier-10

The water of Chateau d’Eau was indeed poisoned, as suspected. A covert cleanup operation is underway. But that’s up to a different squad. This secret agent can finally relax and enjoy the view of Water Tower. If feet can’t bathe in the water, they can float up in the air. Now that’s a great angle, don’t you think? Viva La Colour Revolution! Chateau d’Eau to the People!

Saving Majestic Montpellier-2

Red details are from previous collaborations: Shirt by Miyas | Shoes by To Be Shoes | Bag by Flamindigo


Tru’ Letter

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I had to wake up very early to have the Chateau d’Eau surroundings to myself. It was so beautiful in the morning light, I can only imagine how the sunset would look like. Unfortunately, I was on a road trip and could not stick around to witness it. I am definitively going back to Montpellier! Getting the feet up shot is far from glamorous. I silently talked to my abs, I promised them the will be more yoga, if they deliver – just this time. Cheekily, my sister took photos of my struggle. Now, what would you do to get the right shot?

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