A Sailing Sabotage in Geneva   HOT !

a sailing sabotage in geneva

Dear Secret Agents,

Have you ever embarked upon a sailing sabotage in Geneva? – I thought so. Me, neither. Would have never thought of it either, until last weekend. The thought occurred to me at 2am on a Saturday evening (aka Sunday morning) while dancing on the deck of the Bateax Geneve. How I came to know there’s a race the next morning? Well, a certain Mr. Cocky invited me to watch him win. Oui – oui, watch him win. Cocky, just the right name? – I hear you! Just watching a sailing race, not my cup of tea. But watching a race I’ve sabotaged? Now that is a turn on! So, a little flattery and I got the location of his boat. Neat!

As proven during our train sabotage in Napa Valley – all a woman needs for a successful mission is a dress, some pearls and sparkly shoes! Let’s get this camouflage right. Remember, keep colours subdued and pastel please. That’s the camouflage of the yachting crowd. No need to get into a pirate mode, you want to blend in and complete the mission unnoticed. All you have to do is steal one of the rigging screws and that’ll be enough for Mr. Cocky to lose. Other than flat shoes to climb in and out of the boat, you can wear pretty much anything you please! I decided on mint green dress and pearls to match the morning colours of Lake Geneva…and sparkly mint brogues. You can always trust TO BE shoes to have just the pair for me, just like they did for my Lady In Red mission!

Let’s watch this regatta…now that I’ve got a stake in it. Watching from the best seat on the lake – the deck of the Yacht Club de Genève, I say let the best man win – ahem!

A Sailing Sabotage in Geneva-9A Sailing Sabotage in Geneva-10

A flashback of last night’s naughty sabotage comes to mind. I must remember to dispose of the stolen rigging screw.

A Sailing Sabotage in Geneva-12

The race is over, up I get to raise the winning flag. No, it’s not Mr. Cocky. But we knew that didn’t we? Well done agent, now soak this glorious sunny morning! Let your shoes reflect the light, a signal to other agents that this mission is complete! Yes, that’s why we need sparkly shoes for!

A Sailing Sabotage in Geneva-8A Sailing Sabotage in Geneva-6A Sailing Sabotage in Geneva-5

Quick, nobody’s watching, forget the ladylike manners, skirt up, get your hands dirty and dispose of that rigging screw hidden in-between lake rocks!

A Sailing Sabotage in GenevaA Sailing Sabotage in Geneva-2

Well done! Viva La Colour Revolution! Mint pastel camouflage to the people! Oh yes, a certain nonhuman might have seen it all, but she can’t talk can she? So, don’t let her ruin the sparkle in your shoe!

A Sailing Sabotage in Geneva-3A Sailing Sabotage in Geneva-11

logo2_2001This post is a collaboration with the Spanish TO BE shoes. I featured their Autumn Winter collection last year when I fell in love with the GEMMA style in dark green. Then in Spring they came up with Mint Light Green GEEMA featured above. I am not a stud lady…but sparkly studs on these shoes are amazing. Check out the TO BE Spring Summer Collection.

The dress is old, by French Connection.


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