The Red & The White AVARCA   HOT !

The Red & The White AVARCA

Dear Secret Agents,

The morning today started with 20 degrees! So hot for England, almost declared a national holiday! People were looking frantically into their attics, storage, under the bed…anywhere they could find summer sandals they bought 3 years ago – last time it was this sunny. But, our secret agents from Menorca (Spain) were as prepared as ever. They flew over to England and brought 20 pairs of traditional Avarca sandals, distributing them across 20 parks to supply secret agents operating in London, Brighton and Lewes.

My mission was to find the parks where The Red & The White Avarca were left by the Menorqui secret agents and perform product quality checks. I had to ensure all Avarcas were red and white and of high quality leather. Due to the high exposure of this mission our Colour Revolution could be infiltrated by fashion police with fake avarcas. I call to all secret agents to make sure that their Avarcas are from the official Avarca Store. When inspecting, if the quality was up to standard, I would get a knife and fork out to signal to the secret agent that inspected Avarcas were edible – aka good stuff!

You think it’s a coincidence that on a 20 degrees day in England, 20 pairs of Avarcas were distributed around 20 parks? Think again. Just in case you’re not convinced there is another number 20 in store for you. A 20% discount for all secret agents of the Colour Revolution with the code: TRULAVINA20. You’ve got two weeks to complete your purchasing mission. STARTING FROM NOW! GO!

Viva La Menorca! Viva La Avarca! Viva La Colour Revolution! Red and White Avarcas – to the People!

The White and the Red Avarca-3The White and the Red Avarca-14The White and the Red Avarca-13The White and the Red Avarca-7The White and the Red Avarca-12The White and the Red Avarca-8The White and the Red Avarca-11The White and the Red Avarca-5The White and the Red Avarca-18The White and the Red Avarca

avarca logoThis post is a collaboration with Avarca Store in New York. I came across their store when looking for an alternative to Birkenstocks. Something more stylish please? – Alas, avarcas!

The Avarca Store began when Samuel Florit, born and raised in Menorca (Spain), moved to New york with his greek-american wife to pursue their careers in Manhattan. As a ‘Menorqui’ he grew up wearing avarcas, the traditional footwear in Menorca. Living in the USA, Sam couldn’t find quality Avarcas, so he decided to import them from the best artisans in Menorca and offer them to the rest of world. And now you get 20% off with TRULAVINA20! And if you can’t decide which colour, well I got them both!


The doctor bag featured above is from a collaboration with Flamindigo previously featured on Doctor Bag, My Sweet Valentine.

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