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Dear Secret Agents,

Pretty spring floral prints are loyal friends of the Tru’ Revolution. They can turn a dull Sunday into a very colourful one. By pretty spring floral prints I don’t mean flowers on your table. Nor prints on your tea towel. I mean pretty floral spring prints all over yourself. Yeah baby! On your skirt. On your shirt. On your nose. Why the hell not? – No such thing as too many pretty floral prints on a Sunday!

I woke up this morning, smelling of spring. I smelled flowers. But there were no flowers in my bed. I remembered the Henri Matisse saying: “There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”

It’s 1st of March and today I decided to see flowers. Period. I put on my pretty spring floral Miyas shirt, then added an old vintage brooch from my collection and more flowers on my skirt. Ok, why the hell not – a flower on my head too! Next thing I know, I had real flowers in my hands and I was singing. I joyfully slipped my feet into the Leonora T wedge and I was twirling too! Woohooo!!!

I am now passing the floral baton to you! Have fun with your floral prints this March! Spring is just around the corner! Viva La Pretty Spring Floral Prints! Viva La Colour Revolution!

Pretty Spring Floral Prints Miyas-2Pretty Spring Floral Prints Miyas-9    Pretty Spring Floral Prints Miyas-6 Pretty Spring Floral Prints Miyas-7Pretty Spring Floral Prints Miyas-4  Pretty Spring Floral Prints Miyas-8Pretty Spring Floral Prints Miyas-3Pretty Spring Floral Prints Miyas


Miya_logo-ohne-claimThis post is a collaboration with the a German emerging designer Miyas that puts emphasis on quality materials and tailoring. All of their clothing is made in Europe, in Germany & Italy. The designer mixes modern cutting techniques with vintage 50s pretty prints and a bit of 60s rebellion. This is definitively a brand for a fashion conscious woman who loves pretty vintage florals but does not want to wear polyester. The quality of the cotton used in the Bluse Mit Blumendruck is absolutely great and the cut is flattering, feminine yet very comfortable. If you like the sound of it all, check out their shirt collection.

Cream Leonora T Wedge shoes I am wearing are from the vintage collection of the Australian shoe design house Preston Zly. You can find out more about this Australian luxury shoe brand on my previous posts: Be My Valentine Red Shoe?  |  Two Tone Marlene Ankle Boots  |  Bloody Blue Monday Boots  | The Edge of the Red Wedge

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