Pink Metallic Brogues   HOT !

Pink Metallic Brogues

Dear Secret Agents,

I am delighted to present the Pink Metallic Brogues, THE TRAVEL SHOES for our secret agents. Five things we look for in our travel shoes:

1. Thickness – of the sole for when you need that push to swiftly jump off the river bridge!

2. Lightness – so you can quickly lift your foot on a pole!

3. Metallic – so you can reflect the light into the fountain or to blind the enemy’s eye!

4. Comfort – so you can truly relax in the park or enjoy the sea view!

5. Wing tip – just because!

I have been looking for Pink Metallic Brogues that satisfy all four requirements around the globe for a few months now, only to find them in Japan. Yes, they travelled all the way from Japan. They like travelling, these Pink Metallic Brogues. So I took them on a road trip to Switzerland and South of France. Their reliability was incredible. They don’t rub, not event the first time you wear them. And that wing tip, you can’t help but play with it! Ok – not in that way!

Viva La Pink Metallic Brogues! Viva La Colour Revolution!

Pink Metallic Brogues 7Pink Metallic Brogues 10Pink Metallic Brogues 5Pink Metallic Brogues 3Pink Metallic Brogues 2

CHAKA This blog post is a collaboration with the DJB shoe company based in Japan. I came across their shoes on Instagram and loved their Wing-Tip Pink Metallic. What I love is that they are girly pink in colour, yet somewhat masculine in shape. Their comfort came as a real surprise. Honestly, they are my city escape travelling shoes. Funky, eye-catching, work with both mini skirts and trousers. The best part? They come in Gold, Silver and Blue!

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