New York New York   HOT !

New York New York

Dear Secret Agents,

Today, I am taking you back to New York New York, where our Colour Revolution started. Because today, for the first time in six months, I actually miss New York New York. I am reporting on a secret mission that was previously considered classified. New York being the epicentre of all black outfits, we always operate at the crack of dawn before the black outfits wake up and take over the city. On this particular mission, our secret agent was on the lookout for a boat in the Hudson that needed to know whether it was safe to enter Brooklyn. If it was safe, our secret agent would take of the headscarf and fly it high. She would also leave a pink box with instructions where to go next.

Our meeting spot is the Brooklyn Bridge Park where you have a clear view of both the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Skyline. You can spot our secret agents because they are always in pink and they are always waving a silk scarf in the air. Nothing romantic about it, they’re just signalling other secret agents, sending a message.

Brooklyn Bridge Park park was also a meeting point for the Women’s Colourful Land Army on Earth Day last year. This year, we celebrated a Go Green Earth Day in Lewes (UK).

Viva La Colour Revolution! Colourful New York New York to the People! New York New York-3 New York New York-4 New York New York-5 New York New York-6New York New York-2 New York New York

SECRET AGENT CAMOUFLAGE: Betsy Johnson Dress | Philosophy Alberta Ferretti Sandals | Scarf & Jacket Vintage from The Bargain District


Brooklyn Bridge Park is an 85-acre (34 ha) park on the Brooklyn side of the East River in New York City. It is a wonderful place to spend spring and summer weekends. The park has revitalized 1.3-mile (2.1 km) of Brooklyn’s post-industrial waterfront from Atlantic Avenue in the south, under the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and past the Brooklyn Bridge, to Jay Street north of the Manhattan Bridge.

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