Napa Wine Train Mission   HOT !

Napa Wine Train

Dear Secret Agents,

Our spying missions reported that members of the Fashion Police will be gathering at the Vintage Wine Train in Napa Valley. I wasted no time! Got my best vintage attire, and sabotaged the ride, champagne in hand.

Napa Train Ride 1

When nobody was looking, I fiddled with the brakes. A matter of seconds. Then of course I notified our double agent on the train. Mission completed.

Napa Train Ride 2 Napa Train Ride 3

I boarded the train and ordered my second drink. After a couple of drinks, I was really enjoying the view while in motion!

Napa Train Ride 4 Napa Train Ride 5Napa Train Ride 6

But train brakes will fail soon, I knew that. A clear salute sign was sent to the agents on the ground and I jumped off the train that was in trouble. Viva Tru’ Revolution!

Napa Train Ride 7 Napa Train Ride 8

SECRET AGENT CAMOUFLAGE: All vintage but the Office Shoes also featured on The Roaring Twenties Mission.

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