My name is Bond. Tru’ Bond. 2

My name is Bond. Tru’ Bond.

Dear Secret Agents,

My name is Bond. Tru’ Bond. For years Hollywood had you confused that James Bond is the strongest of all secret agents out there. We had to do it. We had to put forth a man that is as fierce and as clever as Bond. We knew, that people are so blinded by gender bias, they would believe the best secret agent is a man. Often, we had to even play to sexist stereotypes adding pretty Bond girls by his side. We had to convince the world he is the best there is. All to hide the real truth. Our Bond – the Tru’ Bond – is actually a woman. Wherever she goes, two Bond girls follow, never one. Bond girls bring the guns, Tru’ Bond brings her colours. It’s the colours that make every secret mission a successful one and a pair of very special shoes.

In the GoldenEye we revealed something personal about the Tru’ Bond. Yes, golden. Not the eye though. The shoe. Tru’ Bond does not carry a gun. She carries deadly royal gold shoes. In the Casino Royale we gave another clue. Tru’ Bond shoe is royal. The solved puzzle is Royal Gold. That’s the deadly shoe colour that Tru’ Bond has been annihilating the enemy with for over 80 years now. This cold weapon is called Babi Royal Gold and was designed back in the 1930s. Tru’ Bond walks around looking like she’s about to start Charleston dancing any moment. But don’t let that fool you. In action, Tru’ Bond never reaches for the gun. She reaches for a shoe. That shoe has left many eyes blind by the hit. Tru’ Bond is a first class shoe thrower. Right in the eye. Bang. Target down.

Viva La Bond. The Tru’ Bond in Royal Gold shoes!

My name is Bond. Tru' Bond-3 My name is Bond. Tru' Bond-4 My name is Bond. Tru' Bond-5 My name is Bond. Tru' Bond-2My name is Bond. Tru' Bond

This scene was shot in Graz, Austria at a James Bond Mission party in collaboration with MOMA Photo & Design Studio.

logoThis post is a collaboration with the Australian shoe design house PRESTON ZLY. Babi Royal Gold I’m wearing above is from the Vintage Collection which I highly encourage you to look through. BABI is sold out already, but there’s a new limited edition gold GALA which I also have and love and could be worn with a jumpsuit.

We love looking back at the footwear of the past – this brings a kind of romance to what we do – it provides people with something recognizable and yet when we re-interpret or bring these elements to our creations we turn this traditional past on its head,” – shoe designer Johanna Preston told me.


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