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Miss Fisher in Brighton! 2 comments   HOT !

Miss Fisher in Brighton!

Dear Secret Agents,

Miss Fisher is in Brighton! Our long serving secret agent – Miss Phryne Fisher – has been spotted at the Brighton Bandstand on Bank Holiday Weekend! We don’t know what murder mystery she’s set up to solve, but please do not share any information with her until we know her reasons for travelling all the way from Melbourne. Miss Fisher did not report to the base at all. Whilst being one of our most efficient agents, she is known to be unflappable when undertaking unapproved missions.

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We already know that she has an accomplice, because she is wearing Gold Gala shoes from our May Day Monitoring Mission.

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Spotting Miss Fisher is easy. She always appears swan-like in her glamorous Roaring Twenties style kimono and hat. She looks like she’s off to have afternoon tea with the Queen, but don’t let that fool you. She is up to no good. No matter how high the fence to jump she’s ready to jump – in style.

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Miss Fisher’s whereabouts in Brighton are unknown, but she has been spotted meandering at the Bandstand, our meeting point. We suspect she was looking for Agent Sonia Delaunay who was recently there. To escape suspicion, she got rid of her signature bob haircut but was last seen wearing a peach My Kimono with pom-poms and Gala gold shoes – hopping around the Bandstand.

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Gallant as ever, she bows at the end of all her mischievous endeavours. We can’t help but claim her as one of our best. Viva La Colour Revolution. Beautiful Miss Fisher style kimonos to the People!

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This blog post is a collaboration with Camille Tieche, the woman behind MyK Camille made-to-order kimonos in Geneva, Switzerland. Her brand started in Doha, Qatar, where she followed her husband (then boyfriend) for a season of professional volleyball. Having a bit of free time on her hands, Camille was looking for a particular summer kimono, which she didn’t find. Instead, she sourced the material, found a tailor and made it. Lucky for her, the kimono was the envy of her friends and family in Switzerland, so she made some more. So she put up a quick website with styles she was making so her entourage could pick and choose the ones they want to buy.

Camille returned back to Switzerland with ready-made kimonos and setting up business in Lausanne. She may not call herself a designer, but Camille is in the business of making us unique quality kimonos we’d love to be seen in! Get talking to her and order yours. She is super friendly! I wore my kimono in vintage style, but it’s an accessory to wear just about anyway you please in the summer: on the beach, at a cocktail party over a dress…or in the bedroom – if you must impress!


Shoes worn in this post are from a previous collaboration with the Melbourne shoe design house PRESTON ZLY and you can see them up-close and personal on my May Day Monitoring blog post. Gold GALA comes from their Towards Wearable Abstraction collection, also available in black and gold. They may look glamorous but they are the most comfortable shoes ever. I dance Lindy Hop in them!


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Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is an Australian television drama series. It was first broadcast on ABC on 24 February 2012. The series is based on author Kerry Greenwood’s novels and was created by Deb Cox and Fiona Eagger. It is indeed coming to the UK, to be made into a film. If you are a fan of 20s & 30s style, she will blow you away!

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  • Sophie

    Thank you Miss Fisher for sharing such a style and pictures, kimonos are just unconditional, setting a certain classy style, a sort of Art Deco revival, exceeding promises… For any occasion in wvery shape!Thank you Camille for catching this Air du temps and bringing the best of it, you definitely got the right inspiration on the right time, and this is a gift!

  • TruLavina Post author

    Glad you enjoyed it Sophie! More coming soon. Sign up to the newsletter and follow my Facebook or Instagram to see updates. xxx