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Dear Secret Agents,

On this wonderfully sunny Sunday, as the world marks the International Women’s Day, I decided to mark it as just one of the 365 days of the year. I have nothing against 8th of March but our secret agents celebrate womanhood and demand equal rights every day of the year! For us, it’s the 364 other days that matter more. So on International Women’s Day, I decided to have my own private party – the Mellow Yellow Woman’s Day. So on my Mellow Yellow Woman’s Day I have been raising a glass (or two!).

Here’s to wearing whatever colours we please. Chin chin! Here’s to the strong women who support other women.  Chin Chin! And for those who don’t, well Madeleine Albright puts it best: “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”

Here’s to those we take to bed. And those who we don’t. Chin-Chin. The secret is out. Men are no longer our crucial accessory in bed. These days, we bring something special. Something just for us.  I listened to my  heart (AGAIN!) and brought my Doctor Bag but this time dressed in Mellow Yellow!

They call me mellow yellow (Quite rightly)
They call me mellow yellow (Quite rightly)
They call me mellow yellow

So mellow yellow…bring something yellow to your bed! Viva La Mellow! Viva La Yellow! Viva La Colour Revolution!

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This blog post is a collaboration with the handbag designer David Usadel, the so-called ‘handbag doctor’. A practicing doctor by trade, David started his Flamindigo adventure in 2012 and by autumn 2014 he launched his website to a great Christmas sales success. He sees patients by day and designs bags by night. Hence the nickname The Handbag Doctor! To many, a doctor starting a handbag label seemed odd, and their advice was one of discouragement. Fortunately, David, just like Tru’ Lavina, listened to his heart and tonight I am able to have a Valentines date with his BAULETTO Doctor Bag. But how come a doctor designs handbags?

‘The world of fashion is an idealistic one, especially when compared to medicine, where I deal with the harsh reality of severe diseases. I love the work with my patients, but Flamindigo gives me the missing balance,’ – David explains.

The best part of the Flamindigo Doctor Bag is that you can invert the bag colours and chose a different colour handle to match the colours of your outfit. For colour addicts like me, this is indeed the life-saving medicine. No wonder David is a doctor! Stay tuned, I will feature more Flamindigo colours on the blog in the coming weeks. Viva La Colour Revolution!


“Mellow Yellow” is a song written and recorded by Scottish singer/songwriter Donovan. I would have put my hand on fire that it was The Beatles! Donovan, in fact, was friends with the Beatles. Apparently Paul McCartney participated in the production of the song, but contrary to popular belief, he’s not the one whispering the “Quite Rightly” answer. It was Donovan himself. As for the song lyrics, the Back of the Cereal Box offers rather rather interesting insights.

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4 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow Woman’s Day

  • Melita Kabashi

    I love the dress and the entire outfit combined to bring out such a fresh, elegant yet comfy look. I feel that is one of those dresses that once you pt it on, it would really affect your mood for the positive and give you a sense of a sunny/happy feeing. Is it a designer dress?

  • TruLavina Post author

    Thanks Melita! The dress is vintage, and you’ll be surprised that it’s not designer. The trick is to pair it with luxury accessories – I always invest more in my shoes and bags! Xxx

  • TruLavina Post author

    Cheers Marina – love your take on minimalist retro! Let’s connect on Instagram. Xxx