Mellow Yellow Brighton


Dear Secret Agents,

I had a Yellow Mellow May Day in Brighton. The yellow sun was shining furiously. But, the day was far from a mellow one, actually. Whether you celebrate May Day as a neopagan festival, as the beginning of spring or as a day off with your comrades, it’s important to celebrate. To participate. If it’s a sunny day, like yesterday in Brighton, it’s important to hit the beach, open up the door of your beach hut and have a cup-a-tea! After all, you’ve paid over £14.000 to own it?

To make sure people are having fun in Brighton, we sent our happy-chappy secret agent to check on those Brighton Beach Huts, wearing a Vive La Résistance beret. What she found is that most of them were closed! Now that’s now how we do May Day, do we? Our Mellow Yellow secret agant went around, picking on stripy beach huts and breaking the locks loose, one lock at a time…all the while posing candidly like tourists do when they come to Brighton on May Day. “Oh the door matches my stripped heels. Can you take a photo of me please?” Pull. Bang. The door lock breaks. Yep, that easy. Mission complete.

Viva La May Day. Vive La Résistance. Bech Huts to the People! Stripped yellow heels to the People!


A Yellow Mellow May DayA Yellow Mellow May Day A Yellow Mellow May Day A Yellow Mellow May Day A Yellow Mellow May Day

This post is a collaboration with PRESTON ZLY featuring their Preston Zly Clara Courts from the After The Rain collection. TRU2015 will give you a surprise discount. What I love about these courts is that you can wear them in autumn or spring, by just changing the colour of your tights. Bright for summer and earthly colours for spring. I did the test for you. Click on the image below. x


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