May Day Monitoring Mission   HOT !

May Day Monitoring Mission

Dear Secret Agents,

Happy May Day holiday! On May Day we dress like the bourgeois from the roaring twenties and we work for the interest of the proletariat. To get the camouflage right, remember go light on colours: nude, pink and gold. Your outfit should be a day-to-night with a hint of vintage glam, ready to shmooze from day to night parties.

The mission is simple. Find out where the most powerful bourgeois will be going, get invited to that party and once there, find a spot overlooking the entrance. While others will think you’re the quiet type that doesn’t mingle you will be closely monitoring people coming in and out of the party. We are particularly looking for members of the fashion police who will arrive wearing All Black!

Other agents will be there two, all camouflaged. A secret agent Bond Girl will be inside the party mingling with the targets. All other secret agents will have a proletariat type of weapon next to them, usually a gardening tool. Stay vigilant. Your wine glass will have water in it and you’ll always have the other hand ready to grab the tool. You will also have an alarm system installed to send a message to other secret agents when our target enters the party. The alarm system is hidden behind a bum wall decor. When our target enters the party, wave hello then casually put your finger inside the bum statue. It will send vibrations to all secret agents present at the party. Then have your last sip of water wine, out it down, grab the tool and attack. Our Bond Girl will have your back.

Key to the success of the May Day Monitoring Mission is wearing fancy but comfortable shoes. Gala shoes to be mistaken for a bourgeois but comfortable enough to do the legwork of the proletariat. So I say, go gold. Go GALA.

Viva La Proletariat! Viva La May Day Monitoring Mission! Viva La Gala shoes!

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logoThis post is a collaboration with the Australian shoe design house PRESTON ZLY. I am wearing the limited edition gold GALA sandals from their Towards Wearable Abstraction collection, also available in black and gold.

TOWARDS WEARABLE ABSTRACTION sees PRESTON ZLY explore the shoe as abstraction – as a form of curves, planes, materials and colours. Gala is a statement shoe for glamorous evenings out. The juxtaposition of natural or matt black leathers against rich patterned gold creates a striking textural twist, reminiscent of Picasso’s post cubist experiments in paint.



Celebrations on May 1 have always had two contradictory meanings. On one hand, May Day symbolises the spring blossom. On the other hand, it’s a day of worker solidarity and protest. Time Magazine sheds light into this.

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