Lady In Red   HOT !

Lady In Red

Dear Secret Agents,

Our top secret agent Crazy Lady in Red is on the loose again. You can spot her in the French riviera, playing her cards just right. Wearing cleavage, both in her dress and shoes. Whoever needs seducing – will be seduced. Willing or not. She stands on french seaside balconies, clicking her fingers inviting Men & Women in Black into her abode. You would go up to throw a game of cards with her, wouldn’t you?

Little do they know what they’re in for. Truth be told, we don’t know either. Nobody that goes in ever comes out to tell the story. It’s like they magically disappear. Poof! Our Lady in Red is known to have never carried a weapon in her life. She always shows up to our secret missions in the exact same Red Suede Classic Courts, a pair of giant playing cards, and gets the job done. All we know is that she’s always got a Joker in her cards and at the end of each mission gets rid of her right shoe, throwing it on the waterfront. She also lets out a loud scream when doing so!

Viva La Lady in Red! Viva La Colour Revolution!

Lady In Red-2 Lady In Red-3 Lady In Red-12 Lady In Red-17Lady In Red-16Lady In Red-5 Lady In Red-7 Lady In Red-8Lady In Red-9Lady In Red

logo2_2001This post is a collaboration with the Spanish TO BE shoes. I featured their Autumn Winter collection last year. When TO BE shoes sent me their spring collection, my eyes lit up seeing the classic Red Arpa Court featured above. I have been on the hunt for a pair of vintage style red suede shoes with a bit of cleavage at the front – for ages! Vintage shoes are just not comfy to wear, so having brand new shoes in vintage style is just fabulous! And the best thing – they’ve got other colours too! Check out the TO BE Spring Collection.



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