Lady Gladiator

Lady Gladiator

Dear Secret Agents,

Lady Gladiator has joined our revolution! Woohoooooooo!! She is the new secret agent recruited to move our colour revolution forward. Unfortunately, most of our secret agents have been caught and imprisoned by fashion police. Hence the silence in the last months. But with Lady Gladiator on our side, there is hope for our revolution. Her first mission is to release our top secret agents below.

Agent 007Amelia Earhart +  Frida Kahlo + Secret Agent Blanche + Lady in Red + Miss Fisher + Sonia Delaunay  

Lady Gladiator is fierce as hell. She trains like an Olympian, fights like a gladiator, dresses like a lady and bows like a mad woman. You can spot her by the silver gladiator sandals designed by Preston Zly specifically for her. Grace they are called. After her of course. Believe it or not, the Lady Gladiator goes by the name of Grace. How very ungraceful of her!

She will be spilling blood, we are sure of that.

Lady Gladiator (1 of 7) Lady Gladiator (2 of 7) Lady Gladiator (4 of 7)Lady Gladiator (7 of 7)Lady Gladiator (5 of 7)

Lady Gladiator

This is a collaboration with Preston Zly. Grace gladiator sandals from their Hotel Santiago collection takes its inspiration from the footwear of the ancient roman legions. This powerful reference has produced a summer style of striking glamour – with bright metallic uppers and  juxtaposed with mat thonging and insole detail. The super comfortable and practical medium wedge heel make this style a dream to wear.

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