Jazz Age Lawn Party

Dear Secret Agents,

The Jazz Age Lawn Party is approaching. As you all know, secret agents from around the world gather at Governors Island every June for the biggest mission of the year. It’s our signature event. However, it is also flooded with members of the Fashion Police who try to camouflage themselves as secret agents. We have to do our best to stop them from infiltrating our revolution. Below are some tips on how to distinguish between the real secret agents and the Fashion Police who are there to sabotage our revolution.

The easiest to spot are Fashion Police secret agents wearing black. The best trained enemy agents out there, so be careful. Don’t let their friendly fashionista looks fool you. They are there to stop our Colour Revolution.

Jazz Age Mission Fshion Police1

The most dangerous are those in bright nude colours. Beware. They are with the Fashion Police, trying to camouflage themselves as revolutionaries. You can spot them by the half smile and the sharp look in their eyes. They are fake secret agents.

Jazz Age Mission Fashion Police

Always remember that Fashion Police often walk in pairs. You can spot them by their uniformity. They tend to stick together and look alike.

Jazz Age Mission Fashion Police2

Often, Fashion Police have mirrors in their hand. They are not obsessed with their looks. They’re watching us, from unexpected angles.

Jazz Age Mission (20 of 20)

Do not be fooled by their ‘we’re just a friendly couple’ attire. It’s all part of the Fashion Police camouflage. Ultimately, they’re there to kill our revolution.

Jazz Age Mission Fashion Police4

The real Colour Revolution secret agents are always wearing bright happy colours. Green, blue, purple, red, pink…any colour but black. You can spot them by the smile in their eyes. They are there for a higher cause!

Jazz Age Mission Secreat Agents

See you all at the Jazz Age Lawn Party. I shall be sending secret messages for you closer to time. Viva La Colour Revolution. Colour to the People!

All photos above are from the 2013 Jazz Age Party, courtesy of Jeta B Photography.

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