From Lisbon with Love? Colour?

From Lisbon with love? COLOUR?

Dear Secret Agents,

Ok, what do the say: from Lisbon with Love? Colour?

I am delighted to announce that Lisbon is becoming a real hub for our Tru’ Colour Revolution. Walking the narrow streets of Alfama district, I immediately felt the presence of our secret agents. They had been there. Colourful decorations were everywhere…sometimes over-the-tacky-top! Instead of my usual colourful camouflage, I decided to go for black. Ok, not FAIIINT‘s black. You know I don’t do that. But a print bubble dress on black silk? – Ok, that I can do.

From Lisbon with Love (1 of 7)

To prevent any heart attacks, quickly put on bright turquoise tights. Feel better? – Oh yes, and the perforated Salute Shoes, especially designed for high level apparatchiks and smoking club infiltrators. They are perfect to manoeuvre the up and down hills of cobbled Lisbon by day, and seamlessly infiltrating Barrio Alto scene by night.

From Lisbon with Love (5 of 7)

Clothes, hanging outside were a sheer delight. Not because they were left to dry outside in December. Although that’s got its own merits. Growing up with real cold winters, hanging clothes to dry outside in December was only done so you could chase your siblings around the house to hit them with a frozen jumper. But in Lisbon, the secret is in the colours. Our secret agents have been going around town for years now, hanging colourful clothes from the balconies. If you see a black jumper among all the colourful ones it’s a secret message. It’s telling you that there is a mole in the system, a spy dressed in black, working to demolish our Colour Revolution.

From Lisbon with Colour (4 of 7)

Lo and behold, in the next house down, I spotted a spy, pretending to be just another local, talking on the phone while people watching from his window. Or to be politically incorrect, spying on my colours. Weapon under my arm, I demanded his surrender. Surrender he did.

From Lisbon with Colour (2 of 7)From Lisbon with Colour (3 of 7)

Not all spies were as friendly. Some spied in tandem and were too sheltered to be approached. Miaow!From Lisbon with Colour (1 of 2)

Once my mission was complete, nothing left to do but drink and enjoy the view – of drinks and my shoe. From Lisbon with Love Colour – Salute!

From Lisbon with Love (2 of 2) From Lisbon with Love (7 of 7) From Lisbon with Love2


logoThis post is a collaboration with the Australian design house PRESTON ZLY.

TRU2015 is a 20% discount coupon code that you can apply when shopping Salute Shoes shoes above. Share it with fellow colourful secret agents!

Salute Shoes shoe featured above comes from their AFTER THE RAIN collection. The Salute is especially formulated for high level apparatchiks and smoking club infiltrators.  The tamper-proof hand stitched sole and pliable perforated kid upper will twist necks from the laboratory to the town house. Basically, an all around shoe when you’re doing weekend city breaks. Comfortable enough to walk up and down cobbled streets (tested!) and chic enough to continue bar hopping at night (also tested!).

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