Doctor Bag, My Sweet Valentine   HOT !


Dear Secret Agents,

Have you ever searched for a Doctor Bag? On Valentines Day we are often told to listen to our hearts. Tonight, I am letting my heart pick my Valentines Date, my Doctor Bag. We should know the truth by how fast our heart beats, right? – Well, I got a bit scientific about it. Out comes the stethoscope, let’s measure to precision!

First I heard my butt. One strong slow beat, clearly the fat speaking. Then I measured the heart of my Red Kiki shoe, fresh blood streamed through my veins. But the doctor in me said – you’ve had this Valentine date before and this is not a Doctor Bag.

Then I listened to the Flamindigo Doctor Handbag. As I pressed the stethoscope to the Doctor Bag, I want to say I felt butterflies in my stomach, but it was more like a Flamingo jumping around. I pressed the stethoscope closer, this time to my heart. Bum bum, bum bum, bum bum! My heart has spoken: the Flamindigo Bauletto is my Tru’ Valentine. My Tru’ Doctor Bag.

Doctor Bag Flamindigo Red-6Doctor Bag Flamindigo Red-5 Doctor Bag Flamindigo Red-4Doctor Bag Flamindigo Red-7Doctor Bag Flamindigo Red


Flamindigo Logo

This blog post is a collaboration with the handbag designer David Usadel, the so-called ‘handbag doctor’. A practicing doctor by trade, David started his Flamindigo adventure in 2012 and by autumn 2014 he launched his website to a great Christmas sales success. He sees patients by day and designs bags by night. Hence the nickname The Handbag Doctor! To many, a doctor starting a handbag label seemed odd, and their advice was one of discouragement. Fortunately, David, just like Tru’ Lavina, listened to his heart and tonight I am able to have a Valentines date with his BAULETTO Doctor Bag. But how come a doctor designs handbags?

‘The world of fashion is an idealistic one, especially when compared to medicine, where I deal with the harsh reality of severe diseases. I love the work with my patients, but Flamindigo gives me the missing balance,’ – David explains.

The best part of the Flamindigo Doctor Bag is that you can invert the bag colours and chose a different colour handle to match the colours of your outfit. For colour addicts like me, this is indeed the life-saving medicine. No wonder David is a doctor! Stay tuned, I will feature more Flamindigo colours on the blog in the coming weeks. Viva La Colour Revolution!

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