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Dare to Wear Pink

Ambitious women face a constant dilemma of how to dress for success. Often, they go for understated dark colours and safe outfits hoping this will make them look more serious about their work. Been there, done that. Smart women are not supposed to love fashion or else they won’t be taken seriously. Needless to say, I disagree. I have in the past landed a high-level job by daring a pink suit to the interview. 

I love how writer Chimamanda Adichi admitted that for the first time she is wearing clothes that make her happy. Do we think less of her? – Absolutely not. We are just getting to know her artistic side better.


Dare to Wear Your Tru’ Colour

To celebrate the International Women’s Day I wore pink. For no particular reason – but because I felt like it. I believe that confidence does not come by itself or by wearing the right brand. It comes by investing in ourselves, through education and self discovery. Yes, it does involve books. Lots of of books.

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While you’re reading, nothing is stopping you from wearing a pink beret. Scared it will make your thoughts less serious?

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Discover Your Tru’ Style 

Just like reading is important in the process of emancipation, collecting your Tru’ Finds is important in the process of developing your Tru’ Style. They may not be equally as important, but together they will make you – your personal brand. Your personal vanity project. You’ll get it wrong sometimes, we all do. Then you move to New York and your learn to collect only a few things that fit in your tiny-winy closet. They will definitively be Tru’ to You as you only keep the best of the best.

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If emancipation makes you who you are, your accessories express your creativity at each stage of your life. It’s important to get your vanities right or else they will be similar to millions of other vanities hashtag-ing their way into your life. The moral of the story? – Be uniquely vain.

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Be Tru’ to You

Will our style be different in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s…? – I‘m trusting the Countess of Glamour that we get better at style with age. Or else, I have no hope?! – OK, yes, we get to know ourselves better and care less about what others think etc etc. But what if we want to stay the same? What if we want to wear pink at every age? 

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Either way be comfortable in your own shoes, and pleased don’t match them with the bag. Please. The rest is all Tru’ La La!

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WEARING: Betsey Johnson dress | Knitted blouse by my friend Claudia | Irregular Choice pumps | Brain Tree Clothing beret | Alexon clutch


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Badgley Mischka dress from 6pm | Top from ModCloth | Shoes from Irregular Choice | Tights from Asos | Beret from MoreHouse Farm | Box clutch from Amazon