Connecting the Dots

Connecting the Dots

Dear Secret Agents,

One of the longest and most laborious missions of all times is Connecting the Dots. Connecting the Black Dots, to be precise. What Black Dots you ask? – Well, my dear friends, there are secret Black Dots in old stone walls around the world dating back from the middle ages. Just like a black hole, they have extreme power and can suck the colour out of anyone. You thought the wearing black trend is accidental or driven by choice? – Not quite.

Thanks to the Illuminati, the existence of the Black Dots is the best kept secret of all times. As I have proved to you recently, Colours Make Us Happy and happiness clears our mind. But the powers that be don’t approve of this. It is in their interest that Black Dots suck the colour out of you, keeping you in the dark. As you rush to work, you pass the Black Dot by not noticing it at all or feeling its radiation for that matter. Today you just wore black shoes? Rest assured, tomorrow you will add a black dress. The day after you will complete your look with a black jacket. You already have a black bag, am I right? Until the radiation wears off and one day you suddenly want to wear that red or green dress hidden in your wardrobe. On your way to meet your friends you pass another Black Dot and you’ve entered the vicious circle again, completely unaware of ever being in or our of it.

Our top secret agents have been fighting the Black Dots for centuries. There is hope. The Black Dots are sensitive but only to primary colours. Red, Blue and Yellow when combined together and worn with White will eliminate the radiating power of the Black Dot. But to make it disappear altogether, you need a secret agent weapon that can only be found in Doha, Qatar. The weapons, made by Carla Mallari, carry Power Eyes that can kill the Black Dot altogether. Having noticed a Black Dot at the walls of the Lewes Castle, I went on a mission!

First I got my yellow weapon clutch out and practiced the sign. You have to get the gesture it right!

Connecting the Dots-2Connecting the Dots-3

When I was ready, I approached the Black Dot, testing both sides of it to determine which side has less gravitational pull.

Connecting the DotsConnecting the Dots-8

Kneel on the side that pulls less, one hand on the clutch the other on your eye, signalling.

Connecting the Dots-5

Then slowly and cautiously get the clutch closer to the Black Dot. When you fell the pull, just keep the clutch there. The Black Dot will pull. Don’t flinch. Stay put. Hold the bag with both hands. Power Eyes will perform their magic and in exactly 15 seconds the Black Dot will disappear.

Connecting the Dots-7

Black Dot was eliminated, wall goes back to normal. A quick salute to the secret agent attacking the next Black Dot. There is an order to eliminating Black Dots. They need to be approached in the right order, or else they will spring up again. Connecting the Dots is what makes this mission a long one. But we shall prevail. Viva La Colour Revolution. Black Dots away from the People!

Connecting the Dots-4

cala mari logoThis post is a collaboration with Carla Mallari, a costume designer and stylist for film, TV commercials, print ads and fashion editorials. She has also worked backstage as a wardrobe assistant at concerts for artists such as Kanye West and Jay Z.

In 2011, Carla started an independent brand based in Doha, Qatar called Cala Mari. It offers ready-to-wear clothing and one-of-a-kind handmade clutches. I fell in love with the yellow clutch featured above, which by the way is called Connecting the Dots – hence the inspiration for the story. It is wonderfully playful and it is one of a kind! Yes, just mine! In the words of late Countess of Glamour in New York: Fashion says me too. Style says only me. Cala Mari clutch says only me. BUT, there are more unique styles where this came from, like this fuchsia one. Also Carla just launched her Summer 2015 Collection, so grab the one you like before it’s gone. I am loving the All Eyes on You!

I am also wearing Dimas shoes by To Be Shoes, which belong to the same collection as the Lady In Red vintage style.

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