Colour Me Happy

Colour Me Happy

Dear Secret Agents,

Colour Me Happy? Colour You Happy?

I started this Colour Revolution as a revolt against the 50 Shades of Black that has been dominating the fashion industry. Correction, my apologies, as there’s only one shade of Black. Yep, just one. And you thought grey was boring, right? Well at least there’s that 50 Shades of Grey to lift up grey of its boredom. But I’m guessing, just like Miss Steele, you want…more?

I’m afraid, Black can’t give you more. That’s where colours come in. Having colours (aka diversity) in our life is simply being Tru’ to our nature. The sky is blue. The grass is green. Fire is red and yellow. The rainbow is well a rainbow. None of them is black. Only the night is black and at night we rest and re-charge (ok some of us don’t!) then start the day all over again in blue, green, red and yellow.  Our senses respond to colours in ways we can’t control. The psychological effects of colours is widely acknowledged and the psychology of colour is also used in marketing and branding. That is precicely why our secret agents around the globe are asking one and the same question: Why give that up? Why suppress colour? Why suppress emotion?

Colours do make us happier. Give it a try. Colour your clothes. Colour your walls. Colour your home. Our colourful secret agent SO KLARA shows you below exactly how to do it. Knowing that she designed the flag of the Colour Revolution, I asked her to Colour Me Happy. That, she did! I’m now wandering the streets, spreading colour with such vigour – it has scared kids and adults alike!

Viva La Colour Revolution! Happy Colours to the People!

Colour Me Happy 2 Colour Me Happy 3 Colour Me Happy 4 Colour Me Happy 5


Designed to bring vivacity, joy and energy into your everyday environment SO KLARA celebrates the power of colour to create visually striking pieces for discerning clientele with distinctive tastes and a passion for the finer things in life.

I am touching the Boulevard Fabric Panel while wearing the Espana scarf. A fabulously colourful feeling! Klara is also wearing a Riviera scarf dress.

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