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Dear Secret Agents,

Our Tru’ Revolution has been infiltrated by men and women in black again. As our Tinker Tailor Soldier Spies would say: ‘There is a mole, right at the top of the circus.’ We have no choice but to find the mole and win this game. No secret mission is ever complete without a chess puzzle to solve. So, I had to fly to Geneva to throw a game at the Bastions Park’s life size chess board. It was a very long and lonesome game. I’d make my move in the morning, a fellow agent would respond the morning after. To avoid any suspicion, I was camouflaged in a housewife retro outfit, including the bandana!

The clue was in the Pawns. They may seem powerless but these foot soldiers can go far. Never overlook the passion of the powerless.

Check Mate 3

It got me thinking. Maybe the mole was not right at the top of the Circus? After all, those on the top of the fashion industry always parade in the best colours and shapes. They can afford to. It’s rather us, everyday men and women that are bombarded with darker outfits. I ask why?

Check Mate 1

Dear friends, I urge you to seriously rethink the colour of your style. Not everything is black and white, but between the two, pick white. You know what they say, once you go black, you never go back. Give colours a chance!

Check Mate 4

Remember, we’re in to win this game, so in between your chess moves, keep practicing the Chess Mate twirl.

Discovered Check (2 of 7)

The game continues. The clue is inside the checkered clutch, at the Bastion Park. Check it out. Vivla La Colour Revolution! Colour to the People!

Discovered Check (1 of 1)-2

SECRET AGENT CAMOUFLAGE: Clutch from a charity shop in Brighton, no brand | Ellos Checkered Red Dress | Asos Checkered Belt | Marc Jacobs Silver Clogs | Warby Parker Glasses | Oh Honey Hush Bandana.



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