Bury Your Shoes Away

Dear Secret Agents,

The Wicked Witch of the East is still on the loose. Shoe snapping incidents have been reported all over New York. Sarah Jessica Parker is in tears, her whole SJP collection went missing. Agents, get ready for action. Do not risk losing your shoes. Get out on that backyard, yours or the neighbours, little it matters. Dig a hole underneath the patio. This undercover mission is a risky one. Be alert, constantly looking left, right and above your head. The Wicked Witch can smell the earth from afar and attack you in no time.

At sunset, get ready to bury all your colourful shoes. Wear a darker pair on your feet, not to attract attention. Accessorise your dress with black belt and petticoat. Keep it on the dark side of the colour spectrum, pretend you are with the Fashion Police. I started by burying them one by one, laying them nicely on the ground. Then I felt the wind becoming stronger. I could sense the witch was flying around, so I grabbed all the shoes at once and off they went, into the bloody hole. I put the joists back on top and stomped until they fell into place. My shoes will be safe underground.

NOTE: Do not to bury your clutch! Without the wallet and ID, you cannot prove your secret agent status to the neighbour. Trust me, he will be mad as a bull and demand an explanation for messing up his patio. I learned the hard way!

Good luck with your mission! Viva La Tru’ Revolution!

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GET THE LOOK: Dress & gloves are vintage. Sunglasses are Marc Jacobs. Pumps on feet are Vivienne Westwood Anglomania. Platforms on hand are Kelsi Dagger. Clutch is from Anthropologie. Belt is Zara. Necklaces are from my street market missions in New York and London.

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