Brighton my Day

Brighton My Day

Dear Secret Agents,

Brighton My Day, you say as the morning rain poured into your face? There is no such a things as Tuesday Blues, but after a glorious Bank Holiday Monday that’s exactly what it felt today. Tuesday gloomy bloody blues. The sun did try to peek through in the afternoon and we sent our secret agent from one beach hut to another, breaking those doors open. Because, every day should be a Sunny May Day!

You say brighten my day? I say Brighton My Day! Vive Le Brighton!

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This post is a collaboration with the Spanish brand CERASELLE which I discovered at the Inhorgenta Jewellery Show in Munich. Their designs are truly unique and delivered by the duo artists Ilaria De Pasqualeand Marica Vazzana. The brand was born fom the meeting of two women architects and ceramists, who have been on a similar creative journey working with a range of clay materials. Using black and white ceramics, porcelain, and metals they compose innovative and dynamic jewellery. The ceramic takes the centre stage: metal parts tend to disappear in order to isolate and set free the ceramic stones, which are never trapped and mounted like they are in classic jewellery. CERASELLE jewellery is designed. Inspired by surfaces transformed by wind, water and hands, designers continue to investigate forms and surfaces simultaneously: this unique duality of clay drives their interest and exploration every day. As a result they bring us collections of fashion accessories that evoke the Mediterrean character of the artists: the classic concept of jewellery is reinterpreted whit minimalism, elegance and originality.


What I love about the DUO COLLECTION featured above is not only the explosive of colour options and the quality of the materials, but its innovative design giving us the ability to change the metal thus creating a new piece of jewellery every time. It’s a feast for colour lovers like me. Ceraselle leather necklaces can be worn both ways, as shown on the right hand side photos. It is also designed for brave and artistic women. It’s a statement piece. It is bold. It is wearable art. And the best of it all, affordable! SHOP IT ON ETSY.

The matching earring I am wearing in the photoshoot is by BLOCK RD.


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