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Colours at Brighton Fashion Week   HOT !


Dear Secret Agents,

Colours at Brighton Fashion Week were vibrant indeed. The runway was full of Tru’ Revolution agents spreading colourful designs of emerging designers. Their goal was to infiltrate the Brighton Fashion Week and bring as much colour as possible to the catwalk. I was also an undercover photographer, so I bring you the best of their colourful missions below.

The most determined secret agents parading Colours at Brighton Fashion Week were those camouflaged in emerging designer Minnan Hui couture. They marched ahead flamboyantly as though thousands were shouting: Viva La Colour Revolution!

Brighton Fashion week Minna Hui 1  Brighton Fashion week Minna Hui 3Brighton Fashion week Minna Hui 6

I caught up with one of our secret agents backstage before the show. Below is her silent salute: Viva La Colour Revolution!

Brighton Fashion week Minna Hui 4

There were those Secret Agents that were mixing colours with outer space silver tones ready to take over Mother Earth. Dressed in Natalya Rivera silver designs they were full of stamina. Silver. Pink. Mint. Delicious pastels juxtaposed with silver tones. It is only in their eyes that you could notice they were doing more than just walking the runway. They were on a Trip to Earth. No wonder Natalya named this collection The Trip!

Brighton Fashion Week Natalya Rivera-2 Brighton Fashion Week Natalya Rivera-3 Brighton Fashion Week Natalya Rivera

Another successful mission was the prohibition style Firebird collection by senior agent Sarina Poppy showcased through a ballet composed back in 1910. Secret Agents brightened the show with Roaring Twenties flapper red and orange tassels and colours. Viva La Colour Revolution!

Brighton Fashion Week Sarina Poppy 1 Brighton Fashion Week Sarina Poppy 2Brighton Fashion Week Sarina Poppy 2Brighton Fashion Week Sarina Poppy 4

Even the dancers at were undercover Secret Agents making sure the Tru’ Revolution mission is a smooth and successful one. I caught up with them backstage before the show. Their silent greeting below in beautiful head-pieces by Lizzie Lock Millinery.

Brighton Fashion Week Sarina Poppy 5

But nobody was more successful than Brighton based designer Louise O’ Mahony. She even got the Brighton Fashion Week director to wear her designs. Now that’s what we call top notch infiltration! Viva La Colour Revolution!

Jeta B Photography - - Backstage Showreal 14jpg-3 2Jeta B Photography - - Backstage Showreal 14-18



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