Bloody Blue Monday Boots   HOT !

Bloody Blue Monday Boots

Dear Secret Agent,

Why Bloody Blue Monday Boots? – Already suffering from January Blues today strides in the special Blue Monday. You can mellow and weep (if you really must!) but it will take more than tears to beat these extraordinary Monday Blues. It will take Bloody Blue Monday Boots! Instead of mellow, I say yellow. Yes, yellow tights, yellow beads, yellow anything you can find – just put some sunshine on you. Then add some military or even better some flight attendant serious attitude: a leather mini skirt would do, an animal print top too, and a handmade top hat as cherry on top (mine is by Lizzie Lock). As you slip into the perfect  in Bloody Blue Monday Boots hit click and change that channel. Tell Blue Monday to f… off. Quite literally!

You think Winter Blues can shake me? I’ll bloody rip Blue Monday apart in my Bloody Blue Monday Boots – a limited edition APHRA PRESTON ZLY. After all, they carry the name of the English dramatist Aphra Behn and that 19th century Restoration libertine kick. You have not seen such ripped boots before? Well my dearest secret agents, in the words of Aphra Behn: “Variety is the soul of pleasure.” Viva La Colour Revolution! Variety to the People!

Bloody Blue Monday Boots Bloody Blue Monday Boots 2 Bloody Blue Monday Boots 3 Bloody Blue Monday Boots 5



This post is a collaboration with the Australian PRESTON ZLY shoe design house. I came across their shoes on Instagram and was completely taken by the Vintage Collection which I highly encourage you to look through.

We love looking back at the footwear of the past – this brings a kind of romance to what we do – it provides people with something recognizable and yet when we re-interpret or bring these elements to our creations we turn this traditional past on its head,” – shoe designer Johanna Preston told me.

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